4 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #243

  1. Over the Top

    An affable chap, George, always chipper and bright, was the best arborist this side of the pond; quick, too. Ol’ George was so quick, he could do the work of three men before they even climbed out of the truck and thought about working.

    One day back in the fall of ’42, with a crew of two other chaps, George and myself, we pulled up to a house for a job. We got our first look at the large oak tree we were hired to prune. It was all of 150′ tall! Everyone gaped, at a loss as to how we would manage this humongous task.

    George, his usual chipper self, piped up, “Piece of cake, boys.” With that, he ran around, slapped a ladder up against the tree, zipped up the rungs and commenced pruning like a mad man. He continued to pick up momentum until it looked like there were six or seven men up in the tree. Within the hour, George had finished the job.

    Poor George.

    We all went out for curry after that; George got diarrhea and with all his entheusiasm, turned himself inside out.

  2. “I say, can you smell that?”‘ asked Trevor McGutherly, standing on the uppermost branch with his trusty old hacksaw.
    “What did you say, old boy?” asked his coworker and longtime love companion, Fred Jefferson.
    “I said, ‘I say, can you smell that?’ That’s what I said, old chap,” replied Trevor.
    “Oh. Let me… no, I can’t say I can smell anything,” said Fred, wobbling on a lower branch but trying to be affable as usual to his friend.
    “Curry. Yes, I’m absolutely sure it’s curry, yellow curry to be more precise,” said Trevor. He paused for a moment and began cutting another small branch.
    “I say, old boy, how can you ascertain that it’s ‘yellow’? It might be orange, or tangerine,” said Fred, throwing down another branch.
    “Look, old chap. I know a yellow curry when I smell one!” Trevor’s outburst shook the tree they were pruning and they held onto the closest part of the trunk.
    “Okay, dear boy, don’t get your knickers in a twist. I merely asked as to how you could be so sure it was yellow,” remarked Fred.
    “Because, old chap, I can see it.” Trevor pointed towards an open window at the house nearby.

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