Challenge 90

The Iron Writer Challenge 90

500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements

The Authors:

(For a variety of reasons, four of the five writers in this challenge withdrew.

Leaving Steven L Bergeron standing alone on the battlefield in the morning mist.)

The Judges:

(The Judges all went to Starbucks. You might still find them there.)

The Elements:

snail cherry kiss

The Drake Equation

Guy Fawkes Day

A Fried Bologna Sandwich Cookoff


London No MoreSteven Bergeron

Steven Bergeron

Nebulon 4 the eternity prison of our galaxy


“Now look what you done. They will definitely be blamed us for this one.”

“Whatever are you talking about?”

“Well for starters all the streets in London are ablaze. How do you think Dr Drake is going to react.”

“For starters it is November 5. Ever since the Guy Fawkes event some 400 years ago people has been doing it. As far as Dr Drake leave him to me, there are hundred aliens in the milky way, he will never miss two lost souls in his equation.”

“True people do walk the streets with torches on the anniversary, but they don’t torch the buildings.”

“Oh you worry body. Besides think about it, two snails torching an entire city how preposterous is that.”

“Preposterous you say what do you think of that?”

Looking up from over the hill a mob of Britain’s where heading in our direction. Quickly our lips locked as we began kissing as they passed right by us.

“Boy that was close.”

“What did I tell you no one suspects the snail. It is for that particular reason we took their form. Now let’s get back to our ship to report back our findings.”

As we reached the nearby river our cherry shaped space ship was waiting. Upon entering our commanders image was waiting for us angrily.

“Where have you two been up to?” proclaimed his voice of authority.

“Whatever do you mean? We were in town down by the arena enjoying free sampling of fried bologna sandwiches from the good folks annual cook off.”

“Oh really well Dr Drake could have sworn he spotted two snails fitting your description torching the town. Never mind save it for the tribunal.”

November 6 and here we are sitting hand in hand in front of the high court determining our faith. It still puzzled me why we are here. We did as we were ordered and still they are not satisfied. The commander sternly eyed down on us as we had to plead our case.

“My dear friends we are gathered to determine the faith of Kune and Tane. Gentleman what have you to say for your actions?”

“Well dear friends we are still in shamble as to why we are sequestered here. We did as we were told. London is nothing but a rumble ready to be taken over.”

“Yes but your mission was to simply turn the town folks against each other and get them to do the damage.”

“That is preposterous. Londoners are stupid, that would never happen. It is for that reason we took matters in our own hand.”

“How dare you defy our order’s. If you don’t have anything more to say on your defence we have no choice but to sentence you to an eternity on Nabulon 4.”

“It is what it is.”

So here we are standing in Nebulon 4 trapped like Adam and Eve.




Challenge 85 – Autumn Equinox Final Round

The Iron Writer Challenge 85

The 2014 Autumn Equinox Final Round

500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements

The Authors:

Dani J Caile, A Francis Raymond, Mathew W. Weaver, Danielle Lee Zwissler

The Elements:



Learn to train your wife in 5 easy lessons

If you are male, you must write your story from the wife’s negative point of view.

    If you are female, you must write the story from the husband’s positive point of view.

Main Character suffers from Pseudobulbar Affect

Breast Cancer

Please vote!

The poll is below.

To Kill A Marketing BidMathew W Weaver

Mathew W. Weaver

“Call 555-T-R-A-I-N-H-E-R right now!”

The advertiser’s voice was getting on my nerves. I walked into the living room, broom in hand, and just as I expected, there sat Jim, glued to the screen like the cap on your day old tube of glue.

“Mind turning that down?” I yelled, “I can’t hear myself think in here!”

“Go away, honey,” Jim said sweetly.

I breathed in and held it. With one good whack of that old broom, I could have sent him flying out the door right then, like I should have done all those years ago. He used to be a David Hasselhoff lookalike, but ever since his breast cancer, he resembled a rag doll that had been run over by a garbage truck.

And smelled like it, too.

And for crying out loud, how many men got breast cancer, anyway?

“Just 5 easy lessons, and you’re done! Train your wife today!” the male voice bragged.

“Turn tha… wait, what was that?”

“Nothing dear, nothing!” Jim said weakly, scrabbling at the remote before switching to the game. I marched over to him, and he cowered as I yanked it out of his feeble grasp and switched it back.

Jim sank into the cushions as I watched the obscene commercial. There, in all comfort, a typical man stretched out while a harlot dressed in nothing but cellophane fetched him everything from slippers to pie and jumped up with every snap of his fingers. And all the while, the voice promised that “your wife could be the same… in five easy lessons!”

“What,” I turned around, “is this?”

“Infomercial?” he offered.

I balled my fists and he shrank even further into the upholstery.

“You want me to jump at your snapping fingers?!” I exploded, “Of all the lazy…”

“Don’t yell!” Jim whimpered, his voice ending in a shuddering gasp.

“It’s always about you, isn’t it?” I threw the down the broom in disgust.

The Pseudobulbar Affect kicked in, and I threw up my hands and walked away. Ten minutes into the sobbing was, surprisingly, enough time for me to calm down. I bit my lip, sighed, and turned around.

“Alright, dear,” I said, “I’ll take your training. I’ll be the wife you always wanted me to be.”

Now, the thing about Pseudobulbar’s is that you can’t ever control the crying. So, even as the once masculine, now very effeminate Jim beamed at me in startled, elated confusion, tears continued to roll down his cheeks and his chest still heaved with emotion.

“You’d do that for me?” he stammered, the disbelief so palpable, you could have spread it on bread.

It wasn’t easy, but I had to give in. I sighed, set my jaw, and then nodded.

“I would,” I said, “Call them.”

As he reached for the phone and stared after me with adoring eyes, I turned around and walked back to the kitchen. Reaching into my pocket, I brought out my well-thumbed, dog-eared copy of “Essential Steps To Have Your Man At Your Mercy,” (pocket edition), and flipped over to chapter seventeen.

“To Deal With The ‘Train Your Wife’ Routine,” I read, “Step one…”

Gone to a Better PlaceDani-J-Caile

Dani J. Caile

“Would you like a cup of tea?”

There were only two of them left in the room, with a woman taking a position by the sofa and a man by the window, speaking into his walkie talkie.

“Where did the others go?”

“They have something to do, Mrs. Worthing,” said the woman.

“Oh, I see. I’ll put these cups back, then.”

“No, no, that’s okay. Please, sit down, rest yourself.”

“Yes, right, that’s best. One lump or two?”

“One, thank you.” The woman sat down and took the cup. The man standing ignored her and looked out of the window, now holding his walkie talkie to his ear and listening to crackles and voices.

“Would you like a Bourbon Cream?”

“No, thank you. Mrs. Worthing. Could you please tell us a little about yourself?” asked the woman.

She laughed uncontrollably, embarrassing herself.

“Me? Little old me? I’m Jon’s wife. Are you friends of Jon?”

“Well, we’re looking after his…welfare,” smiled the woman.

“Oh, good, I’m happy about that. He’s such a good man.”

“Really? Please, tell me more. Perhaps you can tell me something about your life together?”

“Of course, yes, I’d be happy to. He was always good to me, I…I have trouble, you see, I’m…I’m not very good in company.”

Another sudden unexpected laugh. Her face blushed.

“Don’t worry yourself. Please, continue.”

“Well…we’re a model couple, Jon and I. Every day when he opens the door I greet him the way he likes…”



“Go on.”

“…well…in my best lingerie, in a simple black silk loose fitting sheath dress with thin spaghetti straps.”


“And I have his pipe and slippers all ready, too…”

The man from the window whispered something to the woman and she nodded.

“It sounds like you’re an excellent wife, Mrs. Worthing,” said the woman, smiling.

“Thank you. Yes, I make sure his TV remote control is sitting on the side of his favourite armchair so he can watch his football matches, along with a beer the way he likes it, chilled.”

“Wonderful, Mrs. Worthing.”

“When he snaps his fingers, that tells me he’s ready for dinner, and I serve him immediately. After all, he is the breadwinner of the household. If it wasn’t for him, I’d be on the street. He tells me that every day. Every day…”

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Worthing,” said the woman, “…but we need to take you down to the station now.”

She laughed again, uncontrollably, and tried to keep a smile on her face. The man at the window took out some handcuffs.

“Of course, of course.” He put them on her and led her past the bloody corpse and into the hallway. She overheard the man whispering again to the woman.

“Her doctor said she’s riddled with cancer, recently diagnosed with a brain tumor and has suspected breast cancer. She also suffers from PBA. The doctor pushed her to tell her husband the good news tonight.”

“Would’ve loved to have been a fly on that wall…”

“Trained”Danielle Lee Zwissler

Danielle Lee Zwissler

Clyde stood at the podium wearing a grin. “Before I begin, I would like to let you know that I have a condition that causes uncontrollable bouts of laughter or crying at times.”

Uneasy murmurs traveled through the crowd before Clyde continued. “I want to thank all of you for coming to my lecture tonight on How to Train Your Wife in Five Easy Lessons. I would like to show you the subject of my book, my wife, Elaine Evershaw.”

“Stand up, Elaine.”

“Yes, Dear,” Elaine said, then stood. She was the only woman in the hall. Her shoulders were up, back and down, breasts out, back straight—posture perfect. She wore a sexy, pinup-type dress with polka dots. She was beautiful.

The men in the audience smiled, and Clyde knew that they appreciated her appearance.

“As you can see, she is trained to please, as all women should be. She is perfectly coifed, and ready to serve her man. Elaine, sit.” Clyde started to laugh.

“Yes, Dear.”

The audience watched, pleased at how “the wife” was following commands.

“I will outline a few of the steps for you, that way you can understand the process. I won’t give everything away tonight, because you need to read the book and apply the steps to your own relationships.”

“Teach your wife how to fetch.” Clyde laughed. The audience looked at him curiously, as he continued. “Folks, don’t be put out by lazy wives. You can train them to do the things that you want them to do. It isn’t hard; if you would like warm feet at night, tell your wife to fetch your slippers, but don’t forget, just like a dog you have to reward your bitch with a treat, perhaps a trinket. Sooner than later you will have her at your feet with your slippers, and she will wear a smile on her face as she awaits her prize. Don’t forget to praise her. Positive reinforcement is the key. Say things like, atta girl, or great job! This will only get things going faster.”

The men in the audience were eating up Clyde’s instruction, even though it was a little unorthodox.

“I know what many of you may be thinking, that this will not work for you, that your wife may not be susceptible to the steps. Fear not, brave men, these steps work!”

Clyde held up a copy of his book. “Today you can get this for only $19.99! This also includes a chapter on how to get your wife to follow non-verbal commands, and how to serve you ice cold beer and snacks! And because you are here today, I will throw in a free Breast Cancer Apron! There is nothing sexier than an obedient wife at the stove wearing an apron. So step right up and get your copy!”


The night had been a success, and Clyde felt satisfied as he walked with his wife to the train station. As the train approached, Elaine pushed her husband onto the tracks, killing him instantly.

Elaine smiled and said, “And that’s how you train a husband!”

 Careful What You Wish ForA Francis Raymond

A. Francis Raymond

“You followed the steps in the booklet?” asked Mr. Stumpbottom.

John looked at the image on the cover. It was part of his welcome kit when he joined the very secretive Men’s Associative Committee for a Better America (MACABA). The club, and the booklet, ‘Train Your Wife in 5 Easy Steps’ promised solutions to his problems.

“Yes. The only thing I managed out of her was a ‘Yes, dear” to my requests – none were actually followed through.”

“If you read the details on our warranty,” said Mr. Stumpbottom, “You’ll remember we don’t offer a traditional refund.”

John skimmed the details when he joined. At the time, he never believed he’d need to file a claim. Things usually went his way, and when they didn’t, he didn’t worry much. It took a lot to bring this naturally upbeat man into Mr. Stumpbottom’s office this morning.

“Mr. Stumpbottom,” said John, “I simply want my wife to be happy, like me. Her smile is beautiful; I want to see it more. Her laugh is infectious; I want to hear it more. Is that too much to ask?”

“Not at all.” Mr. Stumpbottom took out a large book and plopped it down on his desk in front of John. He started flipping through it.

He clearly had a specific page in mind. While Mr. Stumpbottom was looking for it, John continued: “I really never needed her to obey my every command or anything like that.”

“I understand. Ah! Here we are!” He tapped his finger on the page and made sure John could see. “Our warranty specifies that if you’re not satisfied, we’ll try something else. We of course wouldn’t want to lose you as a member, you see.”

John followed Mr. Stumpsbottom’s finger to the text on the middle of the page in front of him. “Turn tears into laughter, laughter into tears.” That sounded about right to him.

“You can do that? That would be a miracle! How do you do it?”

“Oh, we have our ways. You needn’t worry about it. But there could be side effects, some pretty severe…”

John cut him off, smiling. “Let’s do it. Where do I sign?”

Mr. Stumpbottom replied “My secretary will draw up papers and you’ll be on your way. You’ll start seeing the change in a few days.”

* * *

As promised, John’s wife, Nancy, became the laughing queen as her naturally negative reactions to everything turned positive. For three months, she laughed at everything. Anything that would have put a normal person in tears, Nancy was laughing. Hysterically and often. She laughed right through her sudden and unexpected breast cancer diagnosis, much to the surprise of the oncologist.

John suspected the cancer was the side effect Mr. Stumpbottom mentioned, but never said anything about it.

He was at a MACABA meeting and ran into Mr. Stumpbottom.

“How’s your wife?”

“In remission,” John said. “I presume the original ‘treatment’ has worn off.”

“Oh, no no,” Mr. Stumpbottom chuckled. “That was a permanent alternation.”

“But she’s getting better! Why is she still laughing?” John said to no one since Mr. Stumpbottom had disappeared into the crowd.

The Thanksgiving Continuation part 2

Okay, so you made it through the first part of the story, continue on for the second!

First: One of your characters must die.

Second: One of your characters must break out into song.

Third: One of your characters just found out that he/she is a shapeshifter.

three hundred words


Grudge Match #13

Grudge Match #13

Monday, November 24, 2014

The Grudgers:

Steven Bergeron


Dani J. Caile

The Judges:

Christopher A. Liccardi, Danielle Lee Zwissler, Alis Van Doorn, Mamie Pound


The Elements:

angry raccoon


A belligerent raccoon

The bubonic Plague

Half the story must be dialogue, half in description

Surviving a rainstorm without shelter

A Plagued Nation

Splish splash the marching sound of the Beiyang Army as they made their way down the drenched street of eastern China. Our search began upon the hills in search of the villains that plagued us for years. Hundred of great citizens had been fallen to their prey. These were not ordinary villains, that no they were belligerent rabid raccoons that had spread their plague through this entire nation.

The year was 1896 and our training field where full of naked body with swollen lymph nodes all laid in a row. Now here we were drenched to the bone on our mission to find the culprit responsible for this dreaded plague. From our knowledge there was only one solution to find the belligerent rabid raccoon before the numbers become astronomical.

“General Ming come in over.”

“Go ahead Sargeant what have you found on your end.”

“Not much there is no signs of any rabid animals or other bodies that seemed to be plague at this end. Should we continue on west.”

“You might as well there seems to be no sign of any destruction on this end. The North area is clear. If you say the south is then we should proceed on. They must be around here somewhere. The bodies don’t get that way on their own we must be dealing with some kind of rabid animal of some kind over.”

“As soon as we arrive to our destination we will dictate our findings.”

Days later on our journey there they were seating there all pretty awaiting our arrival.

“General Ming what is your exact location. I do believe we found are little critters.”

“We are about one mile North of the ridge of Canton . What is your exact location of your critter’s”

“Proceed another three quarters of a mile. You should then see what we are seeing. How shall we get rid of them.”

“Way till we get there! The only way to win this war is in unison. Simply keep a keen eye to make sure there is no more victims . “

“Ok but you better hurry I have a bunch a happy trigger fingers here that will due whatever is necessary to stop them in there track.”

“We can see you . Get ready. Attack.”

The final raccoon now laid to rest at our feet . There victims at the end were in the millions . Our Army of men had somehow survived I guess we didn’t stay still long enough for the plague to set in.The rain had finally let up our next mission was to get rid of the bodies. Then to rebuild the fields the crops and the lives. Return Canton back to civilization.   It will take years time we all had. Eastern China will never be the same only better. It is now the year 1912 and we were all ready for the next battle to defend our newest enemies two years later in world war 1. Our prediction another win.

A Right Piece of Work

Bumping into this guy was like rain sent from heaven, though the safe was still heavy. Talking of rain…

“Why did we stay outside in that damn storm without any shelter? I’m drenched!”

“We had to make some distance. Besides it’s good air…did…did you feel that?”

The guy dropped the safe and put an ear to the ground, coming back up muddy. He was one trunk short of an elephant. Josh let go of his end and sat down on the cumbersome thing.


“Must have been me, then. Sorry, I’m a bit jittery ’cause of this plague.”

He pointed a finger at Josh.

“Is…is that a rat you’ve got there…hey!” A large creature jumped out of Josh’s coat, clawing at the guy. “It’s a raccoon! Almost bit my hand off!”

Josh stroked his furry little friend. They made a good team, him stealing money, the other rummaging for food.

“Yes, he’s my pet. He’s usually quite friendly.”

“I beg to differ, mate.”


Mate? Searching through his pockets for scraps to feed his belligerent raccoon, Josh came across some flowers.

“Why are these in my pocket?”

“They’re posies, they are.”

“Nope, sorry, I don’t get it.”

“Precautions. Didn’t you see all those red crosses on the doors? And what about those kids back there?”

“What about them?”

The guy looked at him nervously as Josh scratched his head and neck, probably from the raccoon’s fleas.

“They were dancing in a circle and singing ‘Ring a Ring O’ Roses’.”

“That is strange.”

“Yeah, I thought so, too. You…can you…stop scratching?”

Josh’s raccoon showed its teeth and claws to the guy, causing him to take a step back.

“Violent thing….oh, what? See? You made me start now!”

They were all at it, including the raccoon, scratching away.

“I can’t help it..ah…ah…atishoo!” Josh sneezed, took out a handkerchief and blew his nose. The guy took another step back.

“Bless you.”


“Are you coming down with a cold?”

“Must have been the rain.”

“A bit of rain never hurt any…what’s that?”

This guy liked pointing. Now Josh’s groin was the object of scrutiny. First time in a while.

“What’s what?”



“That thing!”

Josh looked down. There was a larger than usual bulge in his trousers.

“I thought you’d never ask.” He smiled and gave a wink.

“I hope you’re just pleased to see me, ’cause…”

“Why, of course I am…but I feel a bit sick at the moment.”

Josh coughed and spat out some blood on the ground. Then he scratched a bit more.

“Stop scratching!”

“I can’t help it!”

“Stop…oh no, you’ve got it!”

The guy was now slowly walking backwards, eyes and mouth wide open.

“Yeah, baby, you know it…ah…ah…atishoo!”

“You’ve got bubonic plague!”

“Yeah, baby, I…wha…what?”

“Scratching, sneezing, lumps down…down there!”

“What? Lumps? Well, now you come to mention it…”


Screaming his head off, the guy ran away through the mud, arms waving about madly.

“Oi! The safe? Don’t you want your share of the money?”

Thanksgiving- The All Week Story– part 1

For this week of Thanks, I’ve decided to pay homage to writing…yes, writing. I am thankful for the ability to create and to be creative. So, during this entire week, we will be doing a continuation story, with each day having different ‘elements’ or ‘directions’. There is to be no ending until day 7, which will conclude this awesome event! So, pick up your pen, or pull out that keyboard, and get started. Have fun, and don’t over-think this activity.

First things, first… You must title your story. Your story will begin with the second letter of your middle name, and end with the street that you lived on as a child. (The first one if you moved a lot.)

2nd.. You need to have  three characters, and only three, and one must be a Dr. Frankenstein fan. 

3rd. The beginning of your story must take place in a rest area restroom. 

4th. You need to use the following words: tea cozy (I don’t know if this is the correct spelling), Neosporin, and cranberry sauce. 

This first part is the longest, and it must be 900 words. No longer, no shorter. 

(Also, you cannot continue to the next part, until this part is finished, and do not look at tomorrow’s clues if you don’t finish today!)