1 thought on “Weekend Quickie #227

  1. “Whatever happened to Dave?” asked Fred.
    “Dave? Oh, he got married to that bird, Dawn,” replied Bob, rolling up another joint.
    “Dawn? But she was a bit of alright! How the hell did he get her?”
    “Yep, exactly. Prettiest woman you ever laid eyes on, that Dawn. In a cute chipmunk kinda way. There was sure something special about her.” Bob lit the joint and took a toke.
    “Yeah, she was special,” said Fred, waiting for his hit.
    “I think I’ve got a picture somewhere…yep, here it is,” said Bob, handing over the cigarette paper-wrapped priced possession and taking down an old photo album. “Late 70s, it was. Dave had really long hair.” He flipped through the pages. “Here.” Fred laughed when he saw the wedding photo, more so than he should have probably due to an excessively large intake of the joint.
    “Wow, so dated,” said Fred, finally.
    “Yeah, but what he didn’t know was she was shagging their neighbor for years until the divorce,” said Bob.
    “Yep. Dave caught her one night, in the garden, walking weirdly. She said she was a somnambulist. And he believed her!” They both laughed.
    “A son of a what?” asked Fred.

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