The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #49

The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #49

One Image

One Prompt

One Emotion

200 Words



Inspiration from a song on the radio

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  1. “What the hell is that, Hanini?”
    “Leave it!” He slapped Ano’s hand off his latest treasure and continued to watch the computer screen.
    “Nah, really, what is it?”
    Hanini sighed and swivelled around to his annoying friend.
    “You wanna know? You really wanna know?”
    Ano nodded.
    “Well, the other morning I was walking on the beach and saw something washed up on the sand. I was singing a song I’d just heard on the radio while driving over there, you know that one, “Beauty in the water,” that one.”
    “Oh yeah, that’s a real shit song that, is.”
    “Yeah, right, but I saw this thing lying on the sand and the song gave me some inspiration, you know.”
    “No. So what’s this thing doing…?”
    “So I picked it up and brought it home. It was dry and brittle, so I put some cumerindine on it and left it for a few days.”
    “That’s good stuff, that is.”
    “Yeah, well, I wiped it all off, worked on it and there ya go, a work of art.”
    “Wow, so what is it?”
    “Can’t ya guess?” Hanini turned back to his screen. “Way-hey! Bid’s up to $2000 so far on ebay!” They high-fived.

  2. Whatever it was I had been doing for the last twenty years, it wasn’t working. Certainly, sitting in a dark, dingy bar and drinking to oblivion wasn’t the answer. Why has everything I’ve attempted failed? Relationships, jobs, finances – all right down the toilet. Something’s got to change, and it’s got to change soon.

    I looked around the room and saw myself in everyone present. “We’re all the same,” I thought. Suddenly, I became fed up with the futility of my condition. A boiling rage welled up from deep inside and came bursting forth in a wave of anger and frustration. I jumped to my feet and threw my beer glass against the wall, shattering it in an explosive crash. I screamed, “Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no salve to heal the afflicted?”

    Slumping back into my chair, I laid my head on the table and cried.
    That’s when I heard the song in the background, “Don’t worry about, don’t speak of doubt. Turn your head now, baby, just spit me out …”

    Then, in a wrenching convulsion, I heaved .

    With a peace and clarity I hadn’t felt in years, I sat staring, face to face with the very demon of my own insecurities. Then I stood up and walked away from it.

  3. “What?” she asked.

    “Cumerindine. Works wonders. Made from car grease.” He sniffed. “Smells, though.”

    “My grandmother used to make Summerindine,” she said loftily. “Also works wonders. Also stinks. Made from dried baby sharks. Only available in the summer, y’know. After the breeding season. Sharks, I mean.”

    “You made that up,” he grumbled. “At heart, you’re just a liar.”

    “As long as you call me beautiful,” she said.

    He frowned. “What’s that supposed to mean? I can never keep up with you.”

    She hummed the Beyoncé song. “‘Beautiful Liar’, of course.”

    “Why do you always have to tease?” he asked. “You know I’m crazy about you…”

    “And why should I be interested in cumerindine, or whatever it’s called? Why bother telling me about some smelly ointment? Am I supposed to swoon at your feet because you drop another piece of obscure science into the conversation?”

    “A relationship isn’t all physical,” he said. “You could at least try.”

    “I do, darling, I do. But you’ve got to find something of mutual interest.” She hummed ‘Beautiful Liar’ again.

    “Come here, you,” he said, enveloping her in a hug.

    “You’ve got to admit, Summerindine is clever,” she murmured into his chest.

    “Too clever by half,” he said, stroking her hair.

  4. “What the hell is that?” Jenna shouted.

    There appeared to be something streaking through the sky towards our boat. It was blazing with fire and getting closer.

    “Eddie, go!”

    On the radio, the Crüe was banging out Kickstart My Heart inspiring me as I slammed the throttle on our run-about. We shot forward like a bullet across the water. I looked back, the object was gaining on us. I cut the wheel hard right and the boat skipped against the chop.

    A tremendous splash came from where we had been. I slowed up and turned the boat to face it. Water from the impact rained down from the sky. Our boat rolled on the resulting wave. Curious, I started back.

    We stared into the water, unable to comprehend what we were seeing. Little bodies, looking something like a fish mixed with an angel floated all over the surface. Their skin was burnt and broiled from the immense heat. Below the water, some kind of craft was sinking into the depths, spewing bubbles as it boiled the water on its way down.

    “Dear God,” I muttered. “Jen, get that cumerindine burn stuff from the medkit. That one there is still alive.”

  5. Danielle Lee Zwissler
    I went to the flea market and met this old lady that sold clay masks and weird wooden objects. Michael Jackson’s Thriller came on through the speakers, giving me the inspiration of my plan. I found the perfect one, handed her a twenty and headed home.
    I took the wooden sculpture out of its paper wrapping and went looking for a hammer and nail. I looked for the perfect spot to place the wooden scare. I thought it would be funny to hide it in my husband’s closet, thinking I’d get a good laugh out of hearing him scream like a girl. We loved to scare each other.
    A few hours later, Chet gave me a kiss and went back to take a shower. I could barely stand the wait. Suddenly I heard a deadly scream. I started to laugh, but when Chet came out, his skin was all red, blotchy looking.
    “It burns! It burns!”
    “Oh my God!” All I could think was he was allergic to something in the wood, I ran to the bathroom to get the cumerindine and I started rubbing it on his chest when he started laughing.
    “Got ya!”
    My eyes widened and I slapped him hard.
    “It’s just makeup! You should have seen your face.”
    “You got me,” I said, then paused, thinking paybacks were hell. “I bought you something special in the closet…” I winked, and he grinned.
    “I’ll be back!”
    A minute later I heard a scream and then a thunk. Dumbass fell over.

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