The Challenge

The Iron Writer Challenge is a flash fiction or poetry writing contest open to anyone. You do not have to be a ‘writer’ to participate. Currently there are no prizes for the weekly challenges.

Every three months, an Iron Writer Tournament takes place. The four quarterly winners will compete for the annual championship. 

This is how the challenge works:

For the Author:

Each week, four writers agree to compose a five hundred word story involving the same four elements. Please remember to give your story a title.

The stories can be in any genre except erotica.

The writers will not know what the four elements are prior to committing to the challenge.

There is a four day time limit to complete the story. I email the elements early Thursday morning, my time. The story is due at midnight, Sunday, your time.

Each author retains full and complete copyright of their story submitted to The Iron Writer for this competition. However, it is understood each story will remain on this website indefinitely. The Iron Writer will not publish any submission outside this website without express permission from the author.

Participating writers receive a free ad (on the left hand side of the website) for the week they take a challenge. The weekly winner receives a free ad the following week.

So, if you are up to the challenge, please email me at HERE and we can schedule when you are willing to participate. Please include your main blog or website. I will link your story to your site. You may participate as often as you want.

In June, 2013, The Iron Writer Tournament of Champions begins. Your can read about the Tournament here.

For the Reader:
Above the image at the top of this page, you will see four links.
  • The first is to this page.
  • The second is a list of authors who have taken the challenge. Clicking on their names takes you to their bio and link page.
  • The third is a list of challenges. Clicking on a challenge page will give you who participated in the challenge, what the elements were as well as the date the challenge was issued.
  • The fourth is the voting booth. At the bottom of each group of stories, there is a voting poll. After you have read each of the stories in a challenge, please take the time to vote for the writer who you think made the best use of the four elements. Voting is open for one week.




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18 Responses to The Challenge

  1. Excited to do this next month!

    • byrogers1

      How’s was the root canal?

      • Surprisingly not as horrible as I was expecting! But, I was all patting myself on the back for having survived the ordeal when the dentist said, ‘well, didn’t get it all, you’ll have to come back next month’.
        Jigga whaaaa?
        I picked the wrong career… ;P

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  5. dellanioakes

    Sounds like fun!

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  10. Hi, your email link doesn’t seem to be working.

  11. I’m more into poetry than anything else.

    • byrogers

      Poetry is acceptable Mike. And, if you want, grab some other poets and I can schedule an all poetry challenge. Each poet picks one element (which they email to me) or I can choose them.

  12. Anonymous

    Just found you. I like you. May take you up on the challenge.

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