The Thanksgiving Continuation Part 4

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  And to the rest of you, Happy day! Today’s 4th part is simple. All you need to do is do a flashback for one of your characters, but here’s the twist… in the flashback, you have to mention the Iron Writer, and one of the writers that participates in the group. Today’s … Read more

Weekend Quickie #72 (Sunday Edition)

You just found out that you won 1 million dollars. Amputated ear James Franco Ballet Shoes 100 word Max!

Weekend Quickie #68 (Sunday Edition)

Write down  5 words that start with the 3rd letter of your first name. (Do not read any more until you do this!) Now, take the third word and write a poem centered around this. Poem needs to be one stanza long. 

Weekend Quickie #60 (Sunday Edition)

You’ve been nominated to give the next Presidential Election Speech from your State/(Area in which you live–for those of you out of the States). Only in this Speech, your ‘hopeful’ has lost. Use the words below! Hairdryer Jar of Pickles Parliament Hairy crackers and Massage Parlor Word Limit: 500  

2014 Autumn Equinox Open Bracket – Stephanie Meyer Bracket

Stephanie Meyer Bracket Elements: Misophonia Stockholm Syndrome Something found on a deceased body that would be an embarrassment to the family Told from the point of view of an interview of someone not yet born Authors: Stephanie Meyers Bracket: Mathew W Weaver, Jordan Bell, Suzann Smith, Geoff Gore Formalities Mathew W. Weaver “Hello, Nate.” “Oh. … Read more

Weekend Quickie #55 (Sunday Edition)

You just got pulled over by a cop for speeding. You are poor, and way too clever to get a ticket. Write down the scenario below with what you would say to get out of it… It is never too late to practice the art of B.S. No more than 300 Words No more than … Read more

Weekend Quickie #54

Genre: Horror Time: 5 minutes (Set your timer!) Start with: He liked to eat their skin first… End with: He sat with a smile on his face and his belly full.   example: He liked to eat their skin first because it was the crunchiest. He hadn’t had a Bob in a while, usually it … Read more

The Iron Writer Challenge, Grudge Match #11 – Monday, September 22, 2014

Grudge Match #11 Monday, September 22, 2014 Mathew W. Weaver & Mamie Pound vs Dani J Caile & Jordan Bell Judges: Christopher A Liccardi B Y Rogers Maureen Larter Tiffany Brown Danielle Zwissler Alis Van Doorn Rules: 1 element from each writer 1 story from each team 250 words from each writer with discussion and … Read more