Cannibalizing Brian

By Dani J. Caile

“What do we do now? Go explain what happened to the chief?”

“No, it’s best if we keep it quiet for now. We still have some meat left, see?”

“Oh, yes.”

They both went over to the cauldron, and saw Brian happily splashing in the soup, pouring vegetables over himself.

“Hello boys! Oh, I’m so happy I could be a part of this! It’s wonderful to know that my death will be of use to someone else’s nourishment, and in such a great soup! Oh, if only my grandchildren could see….me…”

His last few words were lost in a mass of bubbles as Brian Rogers was pushed under the surface of the soup with two very large poles.


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tatting shuttlesTatting Shuttles

Sadomasochistic Machiavellinism

A Rickshaw


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Balloon animals
Center Court at Wimbledon
A Tontine
Lydia, the Tattoo’ed Lady