The Weekday Quickie #4

Write YOUR own horror story. Start with the following sentence: I was jumping on the trampoline… USE THESE WORDS: dead, Meryl Streep, scratches, grim, and dirty. 250 words END WITH: What’s done is done…

Challenge 91

The Iron Writer Challenge 91 The Steven L. Bergeron Challenge 500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements The Authors: Kara Kahnke, Dabnee Brown, Cassie Ray Clark, Jason T. Carter, Mamie Pound The Judges: Steven L Bergeron, A Francis Raymond, DL Zwissler, Maureen Larter The Elements: Carnegie Hall Prostate Cancer Facial Hair Barbershop Quartet My Beautiful Doll Cassie Ray Clark “Mr. Arbor, are you … Read moreChallenge 91