Iron Poet #12

Iron Poet #12

Style: Any Rhyming Format

Tone: Happy

Theme/ Keyword: Divorce


Johnna Murphy


Today’s the day, today’s the day
I’m giving my ball and chain away!
The papers are signed the law is in play
Today’s the day, today’s the day.

The pain as cutting as a knife
Has left because I’m not his wife.
Free of stress and guilt and strife,
I step out to relish my new life.


B. Y. Rogers

The Door

I close the door and set the lock,
The wall beyond holds the clock.
Leaving now, decades late
Our life turned from love to hate.

We joined once, not hot, but wise,
We thought the future we had surmised
Years strolled by along their course,
We did not see the coming divorce.

In this moment, upon this porch,
I only see the ground so scorched.
But blame I will never place,
There are children here, I leave this space.

I hurt, and so do they,
I wonder what else I could say.
But leaving now begins the peace,
I must make all this hatred cease.


Dani J. Caile

The Divorce of Tom (Shakespearean Sonnet)

Tom was so happy to get a divorce,
From the barmaid with the large jugs that sway.
And even that incident with the horse.
Wasn’t enough to rule it her way.
The judge said ‘Let’s split it down the middle’,
‘There are much bigger problems to work on’.
He said ‘The horse thing ain’t worth a piddle’,
‘Let’s face it, Tom’s not exactly Don Juan.’
So the court agreed and the ruling heard,
That Tom was now free from matrimony,
He danced, he laughed, and he sang like a bird,
While the barmaid stood with boyfriend Tony.
And who could have thought that Tom would be free,
From a two-faced, cheating bitch such as she.


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