3 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #242

  1. He stood on the end of the pier, looking out to sea.
    “Ah, the memories,” he sighed. Lightning struck in four places as the storm raged on over our drenched heads.
    “It’s dangerous out here, uncle!” I screamed. The hood of my Mac came off as the wind blew towards the shore.
    “Dangerous? Nonsense! I remember it well, the sun, the sand, the ebullience of happy children, laughing, playing, making sandcastles down there in…” More lightning struck, closer this time.
    “But uncle, can’t we do this another time?”
    “No!” He grabbed the rail, his knuckles going white. “Can’t you see the storm? It is here!”
    “Uncle! That’s a myth, a folktale! Come, we must get back to shore!” I took hold of his jacket but he tore himself away.
    “A myth? I saw it! All those years ago! I was standing right here, throwing seashells at the girls and there it was, as big as a house! I’m not moving until I see it again!”
    “But uncle!” Another round of lightning was enough for me. I ran through the downpour. As I reached the shore I turned to see a dark silhouette appear over him. “Uncle!” And he was gone.

  2. “You know Cletus, mermaids only come out when lightning strikes the water.” Jed fastened his raincoat hoisted his large fishnet.
    “You really think we’ll catch one Jed?” Cletus asked.
    “Didn’t you see Splash?”
    “Yeah, the government got involved, and they had to swim out to sea.”
    “Why would Trump and his bunch get involved with mermaids? He is too busy trying to make Mexico pay for a wall. He ain’t got no time to make fishing great again. Ain’t nobody got no time for that.”
    “Well, if they think global warming is involved, the EPA will be all over that like nobody’s business.”
    “The EPA doesn’t even know how to read a thermometer, and much less study nothing about mermaids. If I saw a mermaid that looked like that Daryl Hannah did, I’d probably swallow my fishing lure. I’d be cheerful and all energy like all the time.”
    “I never saw no fish that looked anything like that. They all look like they just ate a bunch of lemons.”
    Just then, lightning hit the water in the distance. Cletus jerked and Jed bit his own tongue.
    “I still ain’t seen no mermaid Cletus. Come on, let’s go and see if Trump has made TV great again.”

  3. Eph. 6: 1-3

    Squidly was bored as his mother continued with his homeschooling lesson. He resented the structure and discipline required of him to focus on these sedate, boring lessons his old-fashioned parents tried to foist upon him. Why did they expect him to repress his natural excitement to explore the fascinating things he found in the water all around him?

    “Squidly!” his mother snapped, “For the last time, turn around and pay attention! I’m trying to show you how to survive in the open ocean.” But Squidly had noticed the sky above him awash with flickering blue lights. They were beautiful. As soon as his mother turned her back, Squidly took off to investigate the light show.

    “WOW!” was all he could say as he got closer and closer to the mysterious lights as they started in one spot then spread across the surface. Squidly giggled with exuberance as he zoomed in closer. Another flash of light spread directly over him and spilled across the undulating surface of the water. Squidly reached out a tentacle and poked it through to the air above.


    Everything went black.

    Well below, a mother and daughter shark silently watched Squidly’s lifeless body drift past on its way into the deep. The mother swallowed hard and nudged her daughter, “That reminds me, Honey, when there’s a storm above the ocean … always go deep and stay away from the surface.”

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