5 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #70 (extended Monday edition)

  1. Daddy was furiously digging up the time capsule I’d buried a few days ago, the one with my old Furby and My Little Pony DVD, and the picture of me winning the school’s thumb wrestling competition.
    “Why are you digging it up, Daddy?”
    “You put one too many things in it, sweetie.”
    I’d dug it down quite deep so Rover couldn’t get to it.
    “Like what, Daddy?”
    “My Tax audit!”

  2. The man in the black suit wasn’t smiling, “Mr Smith, I represent the US government. We uncovered a time capsule in your backyard which indicates you owe a substantial amount of back taxes related to several capital ventures never reported.”

    “I’ll thumb wrestle ya for it.”

    “OK, but let me warn you I’m good.

    “OK, GO!


    “Mr. Smith, come with us, please”

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