Weekend Quickie #69


Two people meeting for the first time

The Number 8


The feeling of being Anxious

250 Max


4 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #69

  1. I sat there on the sofa, sweat pouring out of me with worry. I was sure to faint in a moment. The doorbell rang. It was time. With one last look in the hall mirror, I straightened my shirt and opened the door.
    “Hello, Wei Wei.”
    “Hello, Dave.”
    She was the girl of my dreams, that Eastern beauty I’d always longed for, a Chinese moon which brightened the room with her smile. I invited her inside and a pleasant first few minutes ensued. We’d only ever chatted online, this being our first time together for real. The cracks in our perfect soon-to-be-relationship started to show at the dinner table when she tucked into the main course.
    “Err, Dave, what’s in this?”
    “A few herbs, some fish…”
    “Fish? What fish?”
    “Err, catfish, my man at the market said it was the best.”
    “I’m allergic to catfish. Quick, pass me some water, I need to take my medicine!”
    “I’m so sorry, Wei Wei, I didn’t know.” I handed her a glass.
    “What…what’s this?”
    “Err, what?”
    “This, Dave, this?” She was screaming now, her face going red and swelling up.
    “Take your medicine, Wei Wei, quick!”
    “I can’t! Not in this glass!”
    “Why not? Look, it’s got the number ‘8’ on it, that’s a Chinese lucky number!”
    “I grew up in India! The number ‘8″ is unlucky!” She fell to the floor, choking, unable to breathe.
    And there it was.
    The Police aren’t pressing charges, though her family are after my blood.

  2. “Excuse me, but what happened to Dr Abrams?”
    “He’s retired now. You’ll be seeing Dr. Jagger; he’s taking Dr. Abrams place.”

    I broke away from my blank stare at the receptionist. In the waiting room, I looked to see if they had a copy of War and Peace to read.

    After my nap, I realized that even though I had shaved before coming in, I was now due for another. That’s when a nurse took me back to a refrigerated examining room, made me take off all my clothes and put on a thin cotton sheet with arm holes. Then I sat for an hour until a …. boy …. suddenly burst into the room.

    “Hello, I’m Dr. Jagger. What seems to be the problem?”

    I wanted to ask, “Do you have a driver’s license?”

    But, instead, I expounded my list of ailments, which had been bothering me for the last two years. “You’re my eighth patient today.” he said. I gave him the same stare I gave the receptionist.

    He talked for a half an hour about … I don’t remember what about; his kids I think, then he told me I’d have to go see three specialists to find out what was the matter with me.

    On my way out, the receptionist handed me the bill …. $250!

    The image of a large catfish swim through my mind … you know … a slimy scum-sucking bottom feeder.

    Mentally, I added another ailment to my list; anxiety.

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