Weekend Quickie #68 (Sunday Edition)

Write down  5 words that start with the 3rd letter of your first name. (Do not read any more until you do this!)

Now, take the third word and write a poem centered around this.

Poem needs to be one stanza long. 

3 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #68 (Sunday Edition)

  1. Catharsis

    I can’t DO this; I’ve tried; I’ve failed.
    My mind’s distracted; my thoughts derailed.
    I need more coffee, some chips, a movie.
    I’m tired; I’m edgy, Hey, this song is groovy.
    Look, my plot point sucks; scene’s shot to hell.
    I’ll never sell a single book, and die broken debtor.
    (deep breath) aahhh … having said that, I think I DO feel better.

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