Weekend Quickie #63

The White House

Trick or Treat

Michelle Obama dressed as Monica Lewinsky


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2 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #63

  1. Barrack Obama had this great idea to sponsor a day in the White House; where everyone working in the building would dress in a costume, and throughout the day, go around to the various offices to show off their costumes. Thinking this would be a great opportunity to show the public what a fun-loving, open-minded president he was, he invited the press.

    Michelle Obama thought it would fun to dress up as Monica Lewinsky.

    Carrying a tray of vegetable sticks and dip, Michelle began to make her rounds through the building showing off her costume, and offering some light refreshment She would knock on a door, and ask if anyone had seem The President lately,\; then explain that she had a little treat to deliver to him. Everyone would laugh, and point down the hallway toward the president’s office.

    Knocking on the presidents door, she sauntered in, and closed the door behind her; there were many heads peering out from doorways all the way up the hall. “Mr. President.” she said, “I thought you might enjoy a little afternoon …… snack.” “Why yes, come right in.”

    Michelle sashayed over to the presidents desk, and leaned way over to present the tray, but as she did the tray spilled carrot sticks into the presidents lap. She rushed around the desk, got down on her knees, and began to pick them up.

    Just then, the press burst in, surprising them both, and snapped a photo.

    The headline in “The Sun” read, “Trick or Treat?”

  2. Michelle came in dressed as Monica Lewinsky, with a middle-priced office suit stretched over one of the Sumo wrestling costumes they’d used at the last White House Interns and Secretaries Halloween Trick or Treat Party. Beaming white false teeth and a large black wig topped it off.
    “So, Big Boy, how about a little fellatio tonight, huh?” She rubbed her plastic Sumo padded leg against the door frame and squeezed her padded chest provocatively.
    “Oh, Michelle, you know I don’t like opera.”
    The padded leg hit the floor, shifting the large wig to the right, making Michelle readjust it.
    “Jesus, Barack, get your head out of your policies and start paying some attention to the world around you!”
    Barack paused in his carrot munching, carrots being important in a President’s diet, filled with vitamin K, C and B, but as many believe, not vitamin A, although they are an excellent source of beta-carotene, the antioxidant carotenoid that your body can convert into vitamin A.
    “Look, darling, it’s been a busy week. Can’t we just watch a movie or something?”
    The large black wig hit the floor as she flung it down and spat out the false teeth.
    “I can’t survive on Obamacare alone!”
    “Who can? Carrot?”
    Fuming, she took one, ripped the top off and threw it at him, shaking the remainder in a threatening manner.
    “I’m going to the bathroom! I may be some time!”
    The door to the adjoining bathroom slammed shut.
    “Please don’t mess up the suit!”

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