4 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #239

  1. So Very Strange…
    Danielle Lee Zwissler
    The shrink stared at the window in incredulity. The panes were missing, the glass was in shards all over the pristine lawn, and there was blood—everywhere. He walked around the crime scene with the lead detective, and shook his head, wondering how his patient could have done it.
    “It just doesn’t make any sense,” he found himself saying to the detective. He looked down to his clipboard that he often carried when he came into her room. “I…how did those get here?”
    The detective bent down, gloved hand out, holding something that looked rather odd and squishy.
    “I have no idea. My wife said there some sort of ocean creature.”
    “Yeah, a water bear… They have another name for them, but that’s what we always called them. We’re no where near an ocean. How the…?”
    “Nothing about this makes any sense,” the detective said and stood. He took one of the water bears over to his car and put it in a cup. “Maybe with some tests…”
    “I don’t know… Can I talk to Melanie yet?”
    Melanie had been his patient since she was four years old. She was twenty-four now.
    “That’s what I wanted to talk to you about,” the detective said, and took a deep breath. “Melanie’s been asking for you, but she…”
    “She keeps drawing a symbol, too.” He held out the sheet of paper with a hand drawn design. Right away, the shrink stepped back.
    “I’ll talk to her about this when I see her,” he said, swallowing.
    “How many people know your true identity, Dr. Strange?” the detective asked.
    “Two,” he said gruffly, and walked toward the hospital doors without looking back.

  2. Hard to Kill

    Safe and snug under the covers; curtains drawn; door locked, I huddled in the darkness of my room, and whispered to my gray sock monkey, “Protect me, Chee Chee,” But as the words fell from my lips I sensed a shift in the force of gravity and we began to rise off the bed. My blankets abandoned me first, then the sheets. Hanging in thin air above the bed in nothing more than flimsy pajamas, I scrunched up even more as Chee Chee scanned the room for danger. My incredulity climaxed, “They found me. I don’t know how … but …”

    The curtains flew apart as I looked out the window and saw a pigeon flying directly towards us. As it came closer and closer, time seemed to slow until, barely moving, the pigeon gently tapped the glass with its beak. At that instant, the fabric of space and time ruptured, shattering the construct of the window. A consuming energy surge reached inside my room and enveloped me into the midst of its churning furnace of atomic destruction.

    After the facade of my elaborate disguise melted away, only my true, minuscule, innocuous, tardigrade form remained. Realizing I was unscathed, I began to laugh, “Ha, ha!” I declared to my enemies, time and chance, “So, you can’t kill me! I am indestructible. I will out-live you all! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”

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