The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #230

The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #230

Saturday, May 13, 2017

One Image, One Prompt, One Emotion

200 Words

a beach umbrella

alpas: a Phillipine word meaning, “to break free”

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  1. To us, it did not seem like an eternity, yet it was had we had remembered. We had traveled from one end of eternity to the other, from our first estate, into and through our second estate, where two deaths reigned. The first death we overcame ourselves though many painful trials tears. Victory over the second death was a gift from another. We waited as time marched past. Until finally, when we had overcome all, we embraced each other on the edge of forever. We kissed, she and I. And all the trials, the failures swirled unseen around us like feathers in a fading tempest, until the wind left as our lips parted and our crying eyes saw what lay ahead. We embraced for just a moment once more. Then hand in hand we stepped into our alpas. The first thing we did was to create an ocean and napped nude underneath a beach umbrella.

  2. And to think that this all began with a silly argument over a beach umbrella! Oh, how we laughed about the ludicrous incident at our wedding, when, due to my allergy of paper confetti (a strange one I know but who’s normal nowadays), Alfie’s brothers ripped open pillows filled with goose feathers over our heads to celebrate the joyous union.
    And when finally, after many months of celibacy forced upon us by my religion, I was able to show my true form to my loved one already strapped to the matrimonial bed by chains and handcuffs, and take off my fake arms and legs and allow my stumps to breathe, my wonderful stumps, handed down from generation to generation through my family’s wondrous DNA. Oh how I bathed in my ‘alpas’, my breaking free of all social restraints and expectations, my time to show who I really was! Oh how Alfie screamed with happiness as I climbed aboard and pressed my stumps onto his prostate gland to make him perform! We had the time of our lives!
    And now I wait (because Alfie unfortunately had a nervous breakdown quite soon after that) to see if the doctor gives good news…

  3. Alpas
    Bob was sitting in his study going over the figures one more time when Mary came up and stood quietly in the doorway. “Bob.” She spoke softly with a tone of heaviness. Bob knew that voice. It was serious. He set his pen down next to the calculator, dropped his shoulders, turned his head half way, and inquired, “Yes?” “It came in the mail; just now.” She held out an opened letter. Bob closed his eyes as he took a deep breath to collect his strength, stood up, turned to Mary, and took the letter.

    Bob’s face showed no sign of emotion. Mary stood unobtrusively and waited for the weight of the news to fully sink in; fighting back her own emotions. Bob paused at the end, and raised his eyes to meet Mary’s. “Do you realize what this means?” Mary bit her lip as she nodded eagerly, “Yes! I hope you like lounging around idly under a beach umbrella sipping pina coladas by the ocean.”

    Bob’s face lit up; he and Mary collided together in an emotional embrace. Bob pulled away; “Come on,” he pulled Mary by the hand over to the paper shredder. Mary fed the document into its gnashing teeth as they watched excitedly. Bob reached down, gathered and scooped of shredded paper, and flung it into the air as he hooted, “No more mortgage payments!” Mary grabbed Bob’s face and planted a big kiss square on his lips as their obsolete 30-year contract fluttered to the ground.

  4. The Storm

    It carried everything in its wake. Dropping them when the weight became a hindrance. Cars, trees, tables, chairs and even beach umbrellas – nothing was safe. The wind ripped through the frigid air, while rain drops splashed down, hitting hard. Windows rattled, threateningly – hopefully we were safe inside. We looked on, wide-eyed as the world was turned upside down by the hurricane that passed through, giving birth to devastation as it flew across town. Windows and doors were boarded up for safety as we cowered in the basement.
    I sank into his warm embrace as his arms pulled me tighter, drowning out the chaos around us. For just a moment only the two of us existed. He pulled me closer, his lips brushing against mine – the storm outside was nothing compared to the one that brewed inside me then. But the magic didn’t last long, disturbed by the uproot of a large oak tree when it broke free from the ground and smashed against something on the upper part of the house.
    The storm was heading away, leaving the town empty just as its people were now. Starting up from scratch was never easy but everyone that lived here had become accustomed to the earth’s violent outbursts every now and then. Most lost their worldy possessions but nothing would replace the loss of life that was a result of these disasters…

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