The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #229

The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #229

Saturday, May 6, 2017

One Image, One Prompt, One Emotion

200 Words



An anachronistic rebel

1 thought on “The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #229

  1. There she went again. Jane was the reason we were stuck out in this nowhere trailer park, because she could ‘feel the vibes’.
    “The wind is changing! Quick, we must go outside. The wind, it is telling us to go outside! Come!”
    And like the sheep they were, Dave and Chad happily followed her. I looked over at Denise but she was immersed in her book. Sighing, I went outside to find them standing on top of the van, stark naked.
    “The wind! Feel the wind! It is calling us! Hazel! Come up!” she beckoned to me. No way was I getting my clothes off for ‘the wind’. I’d seen the white trash who lived in the trailers nearby. I climbed up and stood with them. And on cue, I saw some flashes of cameras coming from the nearest window. And why not? It wasn’t every day you got to see three naked idiots. Being anachronistic rebels, none of the three owned an electronic device, Jane’s orders, but I did. I lifted my phone and took a few shots, adding flowers to the ‘sensitive’ areas and posting them on Instagram. I was sure to get a few hits for those.

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