2 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #226

  1. “It’s a bit chilly this morning,” said Daisy, moving herself closer to keep warm.
    “The sun’s only just come up, what d’you expect? And we’re sitting in the middle of a cemetery on a bunch of benches. Not the greatest of settings, eh?” I was irritated by her constant nattering while the Easter Sunrise service was on. But what was more irritating was her choice of clothing. “What the hell are those?” I asked, nodding my head towards her outfit.
    “What, my shoes? White patent leather slingback pumps from Prada,” she chirped. “Lovely, aren’t they?”
    “No. They’re completely inappropriate for this event. No, I meant those!” I said, pointing to her tights. A man on the bench in front turned and shushed me. I gave a polite smile back.
    “Oh, my L’eggs? They’re so special! Easter L’eggs!” She stroked her legs but then put her hands back into her coat pockets to keep warm.
    “But they’re bright yellow!”
    “Baby Chick Yellow, actually. And they’re so invigorating! I bet you didn’t know that they ‘micro-massage’ your legs,” she said, adjusting her sunglasses.
    “You could’ve at least covered them up!” I lifted one trouser leg to show my pair, Jelly Bean Green.

  2. Happy Easter!

    Perched on a hill, the old cemetery was a serene and timeless place in the early morning light. Easter Sunrise Services had just concluded, and the worshipers, exuding peace and kindliness, smiled at one another as they headed to their cars.

    Earlier Emma and her fellow worshippers had slogged up the hill for the service, crossing a patchwork of grass and bare, red earth.

    Suddenly the sky opened, and they all started racing down the hill to seek shelter in their vehicles. In their bright Easter finery, they looked like a flock of exotic birds as they pushed and shoved to get out of the rain.

    “Stop shoving me!”

    “Shoving YOU?!? You’re the one that just elbowed me!”

    “You just stepped on my little girl, you moron!”

    “Get stuffed!”

    “This was a very expensive hat, so let me by,” one woman insisted.

    “In your dreams! I’m wearing my best silk, so out of my way, sister!” was the unfeeling response.

    Hair plastered to her skull, Emma looked down at her once-white patent leather pumps, now covered with mud and forever ruined. She sat down abruptly and broke into helpless laughter as people rushed by her.

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