Weekend Quickie #223

Weekend Quickie #223

Saturday, March 18, 2017

One Image, One Prompt, One Emotion

200 Words

A Dozen Doughnuts

A tenebrific mood

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  1. “I think I’m in a tenebrific mood,” brayed Frot the goat.
    “What the hell is that?” asked his friend, Mucho the lizard.
    “I’m all darkness and gloom,” replied Frot, standing precariously on the end of the top-most branch of the only standing tree in the plain.
    “Why’s that?” Mucho was always full of questions, though not many answers. He guessed that’s why he asked so many.
    “Because Fluffee the sheep told me that I’d find a dozen doughnuts up here if I tried,” said Frot. The branch swayed a little with his braying.
    “Well, did you find any?”
    “No.” Frot looked around the tree. “Perhaps I didn’t try.”
    “Oh, I think you tried,” said Nant the termite, coming out of his hole and surveying the scene. “You climbed every part of that tree.”
    “He’s right,” said Frot. “I tried. Question is, how do I get down?”
    “Do you have any wings?” asked Mucho.
    “Caw the crow has wings,” said Nant.
    “Did I have wings yesterday?” asked Frot.
    “No,” said Mucho and Nant together.
    “Do I look like I have wings now?”
    “No,” they agreed.
    “As I said, I think I’m in a tenebrific mood,” brayed Frot. “Now, where’s that sheep?”

  2. “And so that is what happens to little goats who don’t eat their spinach.” I closed the book before the wide-eyed twins could question the picture of the poor animal stuck in a tree.

    It’s never a good idea to lie to children, and I personally don’t approve of it at all, or I never did until the Terrible Twos were followed by the Trying Threes which has led only to today’s Ferocious Fours. I always thought of myself as a person with high ideals and strong scruples, but there doesn’t seem to be a low to which I won’t stoop when dealing with these little angels whose favorite word is “No” followed by “Yucky” and whose dietary habits doom them to rickets.

    It’s important to keep up the appearance of being a trust-worthy adult and I usually manage to do so. It’s too bad that sometimes, in the midst of a particularly tenebrific mood, a dozen donuts keeps them happy or at least fed. That’s when lying comes in. I don’t approve of it, of course not. I know it will come back to haunt me. I know that. But a tiny fib can stop a lot of screaming.

    Have some spinach.

  3. Clever is as Clever Does

    I had just finished fixing myself a cup of coffee when I noticed Marty standing in the back yard staring up into the sky. Grabbing a donut from the dozen we bought last night, I eased on out the back door and sidled up to her. Taking a bite, I looked up to see what she was gawking at. “Holy smokes!” I nearly choked on my donut. “How’d Betsy get up there?”
    Marty kept staring, “I have no idea.”

    Our most troublesome goat had climbed into the top of a tall spindly tree.
    She reached over and took my coffee cup, sipped it, handed it back, and tore half my donut out of my hand for herself.
    “She can’t get down, can she.” I asked.
    Marty fretted tenebrifically, “I fear the worst. She’s a good 25 feet up. She could get hurt.”
    I handed over my sumptuous coffee and the balance of the donut, walked off, and came back with a rope.

    I threw the rope over the tree and pulled so the tree bent down.
    When Betsy was ten feet off the ground, she jumped off.
    “You’re a clever lad.” Marty announced as she handed back an empty cup.
    The donut had vanished.

    I replied, “You’re not doing so bad yourself, either.”

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