Weekend Quickie #221

Weekend Quickie #221

Saturday, March 4, 2017

One Image, One Prompt, One Emotion

200 Words

 300 miles

A salt shaker

2 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #221

  1. Light. Sunshine. Daytime. Daisies. Clouds. Blue. Warmth.

    There was a hole. It was up there. I could see it. It might as well be 300 miles away, for all the good it was, but it was life and spring and hope and dandelions and all the things I’d never take for granted again.

    I looked around the dark, black walls of the cave, at the stalagmites and the stalagtites that were so amazing four hours ago, before Jon fell and couldn’t crawl out of that pit and I was sent for help but if I got the end of the rope, to turn around and come back. This is why you never, ever crawl around in the earth, even if you do go in a group of four, like the US Forest Service advised, and all are in good health and three supposedly knew what they are doing, just like the website recommended. None of that did any good if one fell in a pit and the other two got trapped down there trying to rescue him.

    I stared at the sunshine, shouted and screamed for hours, until a face peered in the hole. I started to jump up and down, then remembered. This was England.

    “Hello, would you mind giving us a hand? We could use a little help.”

  2. “We’ve travelled well over 300 miles to get to this point, and I’m not going to quit now!” shouted Slather, sweat pouring down his slimy body.
    “300 miles? You mean half way across the Thomson’s garden,” yawned Squelch. “Can’t we rest for a bit in our shells?”
    “What? Rest? Now? Are you crazy? Can’t you see that we are almost there, at the answer to all our needs? Only a few moments out of our reach lies the greatest treasure of all – a picnic basket! There’s sure to be salad and cucumber sandwiches in there!” Slather pushed on, with Squelch falling behind. “Ah, you will never be a success unless you try! Don’t you want to eat something more than fungi and algae? Well, here’s your chance! Come on!”
    They continued on in this fashion until a shadow loomed over them, shapes both knew well.
    “What… what is that? No… no! It can’t be! After all we’ve been through!” screamed Slather, trying desperately to turn back, away from their prize.
    “Yep. It’s a salt shaker,” said Squelch. “Oh well, good time for a rest.” He hid inside his shell while Slather suffered a rain of salt and began to melt.

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