Weekend Quickie #216

Weekend Quickie #216

Saturday, January 28, 2017

One Image, One Prompt, One Emotion

200 Words

Nodus Tollens

An Order of Egg Rolls

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  1. “I think I’ve just had a nodus tollens,” said Dave, his consciousness flickering between standing on the ice and being inside it, with his trainers left behind, on the surface.
    “What do you mean? Isn’t that a made-up word?” asked Alice, sitting on the bank, eating her order of egg rolls as they steamed over her face in the cold air.
    “I mean, I thought I knew where I was going, but now I’m lost in menialities and irrelevance. My Facebook posts now seem more important to me than my grades,” he said, still being both above and under the ice depending on his moment of choice. “I keep trying to figure out whether I should do this or do that, or maybe go back and deal with something else… but I’m confused.” He stood on the ice, allowing his wet clothes to freeze.
    “My Facebook doesn’t work anymore. Besides, I’ve forgotten my password,” said Alice, finishing off the last egg roll and scrunching up the bag. “Why are you wet?”
    “Because I keep doing this,” said Dave, repeating the strange phenomenon.
    “Oh,” said Alice, watching him appear and disappear. “Good party trick.”
    “Yeah. Shall we go?” he asked.

  2. The Path
    By Elaine Johnson

    Harry sighed, “Really? Did life ever make sense?”

    His buddy took another gulp of beer, “It did when I was a kid, when there were adults who promised you’d grow big and strong if you ate your vegetables and wore your sneakers.”

    Harry laughed, “What they mostly told us, over and over, was to be quiet.”

    His buddy shrugged, “Life made sense when I was a teenager, sure we could change the world if we just weren’t hindered by parents who were so out of it.”

    Harry looked up, “You know when life made sense for me? In my twenties: love and work. Go anywhere. Do anything.”

    His buddy nodded, “Yeah, then the world was my oyster filled with anything I could ever want.”

    Harry finished his bottle, “Everything was an adventure, even dumb stuff like egg rolls.”

    His buddy finally caught the eye of the woman behind the bar, “What happened?”

    Harry shook his head, “The idea of twelve hours on a plane sure doesn’t sound like an adventure anymore. Anytime I start to make something, you know to craft something of beauty, well” he shrugged, “you can usually buy it cheaper.”

    “When did everything start having a cost?”

  3. Tommy by Sean Bracken

    He rang the bell for the third time. Growing more frustrated he began kicking the door. After what seemed an eternity a woman peeped out from behind the door. Tommy pushed, but the woman had secured the safety chain. Outraged, Tommy started screaming at the woman.

    “Who are you? What are you doing here? Where’s my Mommy?” he cried

    The lady behind the door tried to calm him.

    “I think you’ve got the wrong house, dear. I’ve lived here for thirty years. Who are you looking for? Maybe I know her and can send you in the right direction”

    “Nooooo this is my house. My Mommy’s Doris, Doris O’Brien. We live here.” he said, crying even harder.

    “Wait there a minute. Just don’t go anywhere. I’ll find someone to take care of you,” she said, as she bolted the door.

    Seconds later she was on the phone to the police. She decided to bring Tommy in and try to comfort him.

    As she opened the deadbolt, a squad car pulled onto her drive. Two uniformed officers approached.

    “Sir, what seems to be the problem?”

    “I want my Mommy. I want my Mommy.” cried Tommy hysterically.

    They gently took the old man’s arms and led him to the Black and White.

    “Nothing makes sense,” said Tommy. “What’s wrong? I just want my Mommy.”

  4. Two Lost Soles

    A boy wearing sneakers walked up to a barefoot girl. One of his sneakers, Righty, was shocked. “No shoes!?” it thought, “What’s wrong with this woman?” The boy kissed the girl and, without any warning, he stepped out of his sneakers and the two barefoot humans skipped away in the rain laughing.

    Lefty and Righty were beside themselves. Never had they been left alone outside, no less in the rain. Feeling disoriented, they tried to conjure the feeling of having the boy’s warm feet inside them, but they just felt cold, empty and wet; nothing made sense anymore. This wasn’t the way things were supposed to be.

    PLOP! An order of egg-rolls splatted on the ground next to them.
    “EEEW!” they both cried in revulsion.

    They watched in horrified silence as the tepid egg-rolls began to ooze in the permeating rain.

    Righty burst out, “I can’t take it!”
    Lefty heftily slapped Righty sharply, “Get a hold of yourself! We’ll make it! I don’t know how, but we’ll make it.”

    For three hours the two pristine sneakers shivered and cried in the cold rain next to the limp remains of the lifeless egg-rolls. But then, a ray of sunlight pierced the clouds; the boy suddenly returned to retrieve them. When they arrived home, they recouped by the warm fire and tried very hard to forget the nightmare they had just endured.

    But they never could … ever.

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