Weekend Quickie #215

Weekend Quickie #215

Saturday, January 21, 2017

One Image, One Prompt, One Emotion

200 Words

“The soul has no secret that the behavior does not reveal.” Lao Tzu

A misanthrope

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  1. The March

    She looked around at the swelling crowd, the air hot and sticky. She’d gotten up at 5 to make the event and her bus trip took forever, but here she was! This was the first political thing she’d ever done; she’d never paid much attention to national events, but this was a chance to change the world! What was losing a day’s pay in comparison?

    Her feet were killing her, but she could see the vision: a time when women could go to any college or take any kind of job. Maybe someday women would be able to get a credit card or even a loan without their husband or father signing for them. She looked around. Or even a mortgage?

    Maybe girls could participate in sports in school. Why not?

    Fashions might change. It could happen. What would it be like to wear pants anytime, not just at home, or to forget these awful girdles?

    Someday there could even be decent pain meds for childbirth instead of what women got now, amnesia-producing drugs. There were lots of things that needed to change, unmentionable things, women’s troubles, things nobody ever talked about.

    She was here. She could hope.

  2. “They are quite the rebelious creatures, aren’t they, sire?” said Jasper, bringing in his master’s morning coffee.
    “As one said, ‘The soul has no secret that the behavior does not reveal’,” said Precher the Mighty.
    ”Lao Tzu, I believe,” mentioned Jasper. He put the cup down and awaited the next order. “A Chinese philosopher, from the 19th century.”
    “Yes. Look at them. ‘Women Unite!’ As though their actions would create a difference. Don’t they know that the mighty 1% do not care what they wish? They would kill their own kind for a dollar,” laughed Precher. “Kill a thousand for a nickel if it suited them.”
    “Yes, sire. Is the coffee to your liking?” Jasper watched as his master nodded in the affirmative.
    “If it wasn’t my job to make sure they continued to squabble amongst themselves, I would have rid the Earth of their kind many centuries ago. But…but somehow their actions create a certain curiosity within me, a loathing, an itch. How low can these beasts of the flesh go to make themselves in my own image, mmm?”
    “Oh, sire, you are such a misanthrope,” he said.
    “You know I despise flattery,” said Precher, who began to grin.

  3. Madam President

    Beverly Hill could feel her entire body shake. This one interview would make her career. The crew were ready. A tinny voice in her earpiece counted down, five four, three,,,,,, zero.

    “Good morning, Madam President. Let me begin by thanking you on or granting us this interview.”

    “You’re more than welcome, Beverly. Where would you like to start?” replied President Delia McGuire.

    “Well Madam President, where better than the beginning. What led you into politics?”

    “Oh Beverly, you know that’s common knowledge I was married to Senator Tim Taylor for nearly twenty years. The public perceived him as an all-American hero. The soul has no secret that behaviour does not reveal. He was a misogynistic bastard. He was abusive and had nasty traits. Not only did he hate women, he hated everyone. I taped his abuse for my own protection. The release of those tapes destroyed his career.”

    “Yes, but what brought you into politics, Ma’am?”

    “I saw a need, Beverly. I organised women. We protested. One step led to the next and here we are, the only all female government in the World.”.

    “What’s next Ma’am?”

    “I may restore limited freedom to men during my next term”.

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