Weekend Quickie #201

Weekend Quickie #201

Saturday, October 15, 2016

One Image, One Prompt, One Emotion



something or someone nascent


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  1. Nobody Wins

    Billy had been training for several months. Every morning he got up while it was still dark and would run for an hour before school, run some more at school, and then run another hour in the evening. His time improved tremendously, and by the time the track meet came around he felt confident.

    On the day of the meet, Billy was excited as he and all the other runners stood on their marks. The whistle sounded and the whole lot of them surged forward. I was standing near the finish line and noticed the attendants preparing a large pile of flower garlands. I inquired, “What are these for? “These are for the winners of the race.”
    I was puzzled. “But there are so many.”
    “Yes, everyone will receive a garland for participating.”
    I paused to absorb that, then inquired, “What do the winners get?”
    “Oh, everyone wins just for participating. It’s a new concept; a nascent idea intended to bolster the students’ self image.”

    I was overcome with incredulity as I stammered trying to express what seemed to be the obvious. “B- b- b- but that’s the dumbest thing I ever heard! What about those who expend a great deal of effort to excel? Are we not rewarding the pursuit of excellence?”

    Billy won the race, but when every runner was grouped together, all received a garland; there was no acknowledgment of his achievement. I saw disappointment wash over him. To this day, he has not run in another race.

  2. Flores en el Mercado

    Joshua Flores

    Fingers bending in and out in quick easy motions. A hand reaching down to fill-up with a bevy of small delicate flowers. The fingers reach for one by its stem and within seconds it is woven into a garland of stems of others of its ilk. Jose looks to his right, his hands automatically repeating the same motions, adding length and strength to the strand. He nods approvingly at Roberto. Roberto doesn’t yet have his speed and grace but he has promise. Today, speed is needed at his family’s flower stand at the pueblo’s mercado. Today is Dia de los Muertes. Today will bring many customers buying ropes of flowers to drape the graves of their loved ones.

    Father and son work all day weaving and selling until they close. Together, they make a special wreath of many colors. Together they walk to the pueblo’s cemetery. Together, they prepare a picnic with three settings along with candles and music from a radio. Together, they lay their string of love over the stone. Together, they say their words of love and remembrance. Together they look at the name at the gravestone “Mecedes Flores”. Together, the three of them are a family.

  3. The nascent facism in the country was beginning to take over, but Géza’s mate Máté was stubbornly stupid. For him, the Government could do no wrong. Gézá read out headline after headline of corruption and questionable motives from Budapest Beacon’s website off his tablet as they sat togethe, drinking a coffee in the market square as buyers and sellers busied themselves with their own wants and desires. The morning October rays blanketed the floral displays covering the stalls closest to them.
    “Okay, let’s run through them again, shall we?” he said. Máté turned his head and puffed out his chest.
    “Népszabadság employees hold press conference, demand answers from VCP.”
    “That’s just business, the place was running at a major loss,” said Máté, taking a sip from his coffee.
    “And then the Austrian company was allowed to buy up 12 local newspapers in Hungary?”
    Máté shrugged. “They can do what they want.”
    “How about this? Government passes law to cover up TAO program expenditures.”
    “We don’t need to know the in’s and out’s of the country’s sports finance. Nothing to do with us.”
    “But if it’s our money, or the EU’s money?” asked Géza.
    “We did well in the Olympics, money well spent, I say.”
    “And what about Felcsút?”
    “What about it? Good place, so I hear,” said Máté, finishing his coffee.
    “1,600 people live there and it’s got its own tourist train and a stadium that seats 3,500 which cost 3,8 billion Forints!”
    Máté stared at Géza. “Looks nice, though.”

  4. Nascent
    Roger Campbell

    Donovan watched as Mrs. Campbell carefully put the seeds into the tray’s beds. This was the last part of the science project she was doing with her students.
    “No way that little thing is going to grow into one of those big flowers.” He shook his head as he spoke.
    “Ah, yee of little faith. Be patient. Just wait.”
    For the next two weeks, the first thing Donovan would do when he arrived at school was check the tray.
    “There’s still nothing coming up. Told you this wouldn’t work.”
    “Patience is not one of your better qualities.” She patted him on the head. “Not everything in life is shake and bake. Just wait.”
    Several days later.
    “You didn’t look at the tray this morning.” Mrs. Campbell remarked as she prepared her class for their daily work.
    “Nothing’s going to happen.”
    “You sure? Why don’t you go check.”
    “Oh, alright.” Reluctantly, Donovan walked over to her deck. Mrs. Campbell knew the moment he looked into the tray, his eyes opened to silver dollar size.
    “Wow!” He remarked.
    “Now do you believe?”
    “Yipe.” He stared at the little plant poking up out of the soil.

  5. The Bully

    Sean Bracken

    I couldn’t believe what was happening. Nudger O’Brien was about lay into young Timmy Riley. Nudger had been bullying Timmy for the past few days. He was a giant of a man. More than a head taller than me and a least twice my weight. On the other hand Timmy was only seventeen years old and a lot smaller than me.

    Nudger’s face was distorted with rage and his fists were clenched tight, ready to pulverise Timmy.

    I don’t know where I I found the courage. I forced my way between the two of them. “Lay off the kid.” I roared into Nudger’s face. “Pick on someone your own size.”

    I was shaking in my boots, fully expecting Nudger to vent his anger on me. I stood my ground and refused to give in to my fear. I could feel new courage grow inside me. It took over my being. I was invincible.

    Then something amazing happened. Nudger’s face relaxed into a smile. He asked “How did you know?”

    “Know what?” I said.

    “I’ve got COPD” he replied. “I loose control now and again. You knew what to do to bring me back to my senses.”

    I explained to him that I was unaware of his problem, but that if he ever picked on Timmy again he’d have me to answer to.

    Nudger apologised on the spot to Timmy. All three of us finished the last six months of our prison time as the best of friends.

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