3 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #86 Sunday Edition

  1. We spent a wonderfully frivolous afternoon of laughter and joy up on the hill, sled riding down the slopes, filling our boots with slush and frozen ice. The snow continued to fall as dusk appeared and we made our way back to town. He was a dream, he was my Romeo to my Juliet, my Anthony to my Cleopatra. As we sat and held each other by the broken down zamboni near the disused ice rink, he whispered many sweet nothings and promised the world. He was to become a major player in the automatic coffee machine vending machine industry and I was to be the loving wife, the home provider and caring mother to our many children. We would spend our holidays in exotic and exciting places, would sail across the world, walk the Great Wall of China, visit the Aztec city of Tenochtitlan and fly over the Nazca lines of southern Peru, trying to spot that damn Greenpeace graffiti. I was in love, he was the one. He took out his guitar and began to sing like a cat in heat frantically trying to escape the clutches of barbed wire.
    I wondered if I still had Steve’s number…

  2. The cold was bearable that day but the wind was wild. A broken down Zamboni was a perfect excuse to shed off our weekly out of doors hockey practice. My teammates and I spent no time stowing our gear behind the hockey rink’s clubhouse. We dashed to the big hill nearby and threw ourselves with reckless abandon down the well-worn toboggan slope. As we tumbled, the wind blew through a barbed wire fence surrounding the nearby farmer’s field. The sound was high pitched. It rose and fell much like the song of a cat in heat. It was on that very day, in the winter of my thirteenth year, I met the love of my life. She wore a boy’s winter jacket and black snow pants. Her only concession to femininity was a long pink and orange scarf. She paused as she approached the hill and laughed. “How are you supposed to go sled riding without a sled?” We stopped our play for a moment. No real decision was made. We simply piled on the girl’s sled with her! There were many minor injuries that day but I didn’t care one bit. I was in love!

  3. She sat with arms folded and stiff back turned to him.
    He paced back and forth, and back and forth
    rubbing his side against the barbed wire of her jealousy.
    She owned him; had every right to keep him for herself.
    He dominated her, and yet cared not.
    She in unyielding stance, he peering out into the dark.

    He could smell … the other.
    The scent of a raging passion infiltrated his senses and consumed him.
    The other prowled, hungry; ravenous; devouring,
    crying out in agony, “Come to me! Come to me! I must be satisfied!”
    and writhing in the scent of passionate longing; wallowing in the ecstasy of insane madness for him
    Overwhelmed and driven on by his senses, he pressed all restraint to its breaking point.
    Crashing through into the open space that separated them, he charged head on to
    mount the other’s frame for a fast and furious ride down a steep slope of pure lust;
    careening; swerving, out of control;
    all to soon to crash head-long. Sprawling head over heels at the bottom of such a wild ride.

    She locked the door.
    Her frigid scars ran too deep
    and the means to smooth them over was destroyed.

    He had made his choice

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