2 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #80

  1. Two police officers stood over the bloody corpse and sighed.
    Sue stated, “Another family disturbance gone bad, Ralph.”
    Ralph shook his head. They secured the crime scene, and stood back to wait for forensics.

    Sue said, “Whatch’ya say we stop off for some coffee and ice cream when we’re done, eh, Ralph?”
    Ralph shook his head, “No, but thanks, Sue.”
    Sue inquired, “Don’t you find me attractive, Ralph?”
    “You know I’m … gay, Sue”
    “But, Ralph, So am I.”
    Ralph thought a moment. “Really? Well, I guess if we’re … BOTH gay …..”

    At that, the two of them leaned in and kissed; a very long kiss. Then, as their passions flared into flame, Ralph blurted out, “Oh, Sue, I’ve loved you since day one.”

    Just at that moment, forensics pulled up.

    The two officers straightened up, and went back to looking bored.
    Sue whispered, “Ice cream.”

  2. Dawn dropped her ice cream and ran, not knowing what else she could do. The screams of passers-by alerted two policeman who happened to be standing at the corner of the plaza.
    “He’s dead!” howled an old woman, holding one hand to her mouth. “She murdered him!” Her other hand pointed in the direction of Dawn, now jumping down the steps in her Dr. Martens to the metro station below.
    She had no idea…why did she react that way? Why did he have to tell her that she loved him? She was gay and he knew it! Enraged, she broke free of his ‘loving’ embrace and stabbed him in the chest with her overly sharp metal wristbands, the official badge of her ‘wolfpack’ of lesbian friends and lovers. It was no accident he was dead but she’d never planned to do it, either.
    “Stop, madam! Police!”
    She kept running.

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