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  1. Weekend Quickie 79

    Betty finished her Snickers and dropped the wrapper on the carpet.
    “Pick that up!” shouted her twin, Claudia.
    “I’ll tell Mum what you did with that perfume.”
    Betty picked up the wrapper and walked over to the bin.
    “Are you satisfied now?”
    “Yes, thank you.”
    “Why can’t you be more like that twin in ‘Double Trouble’?”
    “What? Have a Dad who has tons of money and lives in the city?”
    “No, I’ll have the Dad, you can have the Mum, the one who lives in the country in absolute poverty!”
    “You can have the Mum!”
    “No, you!”
    “No, you!”
    They stuck their tongues out at each other. Their mother entered the room.
    “I see there’s no love lost between you two. What’s the problem?”
    “She can have the Mum, I want the Dad!” sulked Betty, crossing her arms.
    “Right, no TV for a week!” said their mother, storming out.

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