The Weekend Quickie #118

Start with… Xander ate the spaghetti with fierce…

and end with… And that’s how you do it, baby.


4 thoughts on “The Weekend Quickie #118

  1. Xander ate the spaghetti with fierce, jerky motions.

    “Get out of my head, ” he muttered as he stuffed another fork full on his mouth. Tears ran down his face. His mouth filled with pasta mush because he wouldn’t swallow.

    Shaina’s fingers pressed harder into his hair. Her mind filled with his terror. She nudged his nerves, forcing him to swallow. After a moment cramps tore through his stomach. She closed her eyes and removed her fingers from his scalp. His thoughts slowly disconnected from hers.

    Once he was free he stumbled towards the door, but he fell as the poison metabolized.

    “Jeffrey Dahmer. John Wayne Gary. Amatures. ” Shaina looked down at his paralyzed body with an anticipatory smile. “Telepathy. That’s how you do it, baby. “

  2. Xander ate the spaghetti with fierce Italians hanging over him, forcing him to swallow the crap.
    “Eat, you American with a strange name, eat!” shouted the head waiter, the one who initially took his complaint. The real problem started when he’d asked the manager over and things got a bit heated. About half a dozen of the restaurant staff were crowding their table, including the chef.
    “What are we going to do?” whispered his girlfriend, frightened by the men and being continuously pinched on the bottom by one of the smaller ones.
    “Don’t worry, I’ve got a plan.” Xander stuffed one last mouthful in and shrieked. “Ah-ha! I know the problem! It’s not the overcooked meat and chewy pasta covered in way too much oregano! You used Amy’s Family Marinara Pasta Sauce, didn’t you?”
    The place went silent, the staff, customers, passers-by in the street all stopped. With shocked faces, the Italians fainted and hit the floor. Xander stood up from the table and accompanied his girlfriend out of the restaurant.
    “Well, it’s kinda tricky to eat in this city for free but it’s not impossible, only one sure way in this place. And that’s how you do it, baby.”

  3. Xander ate the spaghetti with Fierce McKinley standing over him red faced and hot under the collar. If Xander left anything on that plate, there’d be no tellin’ what McKinley would do . Fierce McKinley wasn’t about to tolerate Xander’s obnoxious peculiarities, and inconvenient haughtiness. “By god, you’re gonna eat the food that’s set before you, Xander, or I’ll open your face and stuff it in myself!”

    Xander had started to object, by jumping to his feet, flinging the first plate of spaghetti against the wall, and trying to flee, but he underestimated his opponent. They don’t call him Fierce McKinley for nothing. When McKinley draws a line he means it. Fierce had gone after Xander; tackled him right there in front of everybody, and the two of them went head to toe with each other. It was a sight. Well, SOMEBODY had to draw the line. It was painfully obvious this kind of behavior had to stop, but no one had the nerve to try; until tonight when Fierce McKinley stayed for dinner.

    The moment McKinley saw what was going on, He piped up, “I can help you with that.”
    Then he wheeled around in his chair, nabbed Xander by the scruff of the neck, and told him how it was gonna be.

    When Xander had finished eating, McKinley smiled at Xander’s mother, and declared, “And that’s how you do it, baby.”

  4. Spaghetti Face
    Danielle Lee Zwissler
    Xander ate the spaghetti with fierce determination. I watched as his little fat fingers picked up the long noodles and, one by one, fisted them into his open mouth. He was adorable.
    Everyone at the table watched as he gobbled up bite for bite.
    “Eat what you have, Xander, and then mommy will get you a little bit more!” I said. I watched my pride and joy as he had spaghetti hanging down his face, in his hair, and around his mouth, making an outline like clown makeup.
    I took a bite of my spaghetti, and slurped it up, bringing the noodle straight into my mouth and making a face. My son started laughing.
    “Do you like that?” I laughed. Xander pounded his little fist down on his high chair and cheered.
    I did it again.
    Xander had noodles coming out of his nose he laughed so hard.
    One more time…
    I put the noodle in my mouth, slurped and then to my smiling baby boy I said, “And that’s how you do it, baby!”

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