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  1. They lay on the bonnet of his Plymouth Fury convertible, holding hands and gazing up at the North Star.
    “Oh, darling, it’s so wonderful to be here with you. I’m so so sorry I had to do it all like this, but my love for you knows no barriers.”
    “I understand. And I forgive you for all you did, my love.”
    “I needed to do it, to be with you, to hold you. Oh, when I remember that time back in Minneapolis…”
    “Yes, that was a good night.”
    “…at the last Jonas Brothers concert. I turned to you and we had an identical tear in our eyes when Joe finished a refrain. Ah, that was a moment to cherish.”
    “Every moment with you has been one to cherish.”
    George looked deep into his partner’s eyes. “Osama, all I’ve ever done in my life, is make my way here to you.”

  2. “How long must I wait until my love is again by my side?” My heart ached as I sat blurry eyed, and lonely. Then I heard the sound of his footsteps coming down the hall. Paradise entered the room as he stepped in.

    I blushed, under subdued lighting, as he moved in closer to stand right in front of me. His presence was calming; as if all was right with the world when he was near. He stepped again closer.

    “Don’t look at me. Look away.” he whispered. As I did, I was overcome by the brilliance of his attention. He leaned in so close I could feel his breath on my cheek. I swallowed hard as the tension built. How could I ever tell him I loved him. The best I could imagine was to make another appointment to see him again; at the North Star optometry center. As I stood before the check-out desk, Muzak played the Jonas brothers ….

    (go to … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj3QXcNCPP8)

  3. I see her in my head and my heartbeat quickens.

    For the first time, I feel hatred towards my job. Being a space station manager, I have to stay at the station until I retire. I could… No! I shudder as I recall the last guy who tried to get his job changed.

    I switch on the sound system I had installed in my office.

    You warned me that you were gonna leave…

    The Jonas Brothers! Chris teased me about how I must be the only person who still listened to them.

    My wrist-watch pings, a signal from Chris that the explorers were leaving. My teacher’s voice comes back to me, “Explorers travel to distant stars. Do you want to be an explorer, Terry?”

    I rush towards the base and find her.

    “We have to leave for Polaris.” She says.

    “That’s the North Star,” she continues when I remain silent, “See you.”

    “See you”, I repeat, knowing that I would never see her again.

  4. Shake it… off
    Danielle Lee Zwissler
    I could barely contain my excitement as I saw the tour bus stroll down my street. A picture of the Jonas Brothers was gaily displayed across the sides and the back. I felt my nerves from head to toe. I had been in love with all three of them since I could utter a word. I ran to my room, grabbed my camera and ran back to the front door. I looked into the mirror, checking to see if my makeup was good, and then was off.
    “Did you see that?” Carrie, my next door neighbor and close friend asked.
    I nearly cried. “Yes!” I screeched. “I always promised myself that if I saw the Jonas Brothers—ever—I would tell them that I know it’s completely unlikely, but I am in love with all three of you, and you know how those celebrity things go… well, if you’re married…” I blathered.
    Carrie laughed. “The ones where if a celebrity comes to your house it’s okay to cheat because it’s unlikely!”
    “Yes, those.” Thank God Carrie wasn’t a moron, and would keep her mouth shut. I glanced back at the house. My husband was still asleep. He worked afternoons.
    “Do you know how many North Stars I wished on for this to happen?”
    Carrie laughed again. I took the camera and started snapping pictures of the tour bus, and then turned it around and took a haphazard selfie with the bus behind me. I then ran, not thinking, not caring, having only one thought in my head.
    After a few seconds, I was completely out of wind and bent over by the bus’s back door. I was standing there, contemplating jumping into the bus and somehow landing in a moshpit of Jonas when I heard my husband.
    “Hey, babe, you know… Taylor Swift comes to Cleveland next week.”

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