Weekend Quickie #116 Sunday Edition

A Hippie


357 Magnum

150 words

4 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #116 Sunday Edition

  1. Zeth held the barrel of his 357 Magnum up the old hippy’s nose. “What the hell did you do?” he screamed, ripping off the cutting gown and standing up from the chair. The others kept their distance, watching the action.
    “What’s wrong, man?” whispered the hippy, putting up his hands to pacify Zeth.
    “What’s wrong? Just look at it!” Zeth pulled at his hair while looking in the wall mirror.
    “Peace, man, be cool, be cool.”
    “Peace? Cool? My hair! It’s a disaster! It’s ruined! You’re gonna pay for this, you damn hippy!”
    “But…but…I used the hot-rollers, like you said, man, yeah?” murmured the hippy, holding up a few to prove his point. Zeth hit the rollers away onto the floor and aimed the magnum once again.
    “Yeah, but for CLASSIC CURLS, not BOUNCY WAVES!” He pulled back the hammer and forced the gun to the hippy’s head.

  2. “It’s like I already told you fuzz, I’m on the couch with what’s her name…”
    I giggle cause it was all so weird.
    “And Mouse and, and, ah, you know, the dude, were on the floor, you know, doing some junk, when Mouse gets up and comes over to what’s her name…and, and, he’s like unrolls a roller from her hair, and shoves it in his hole, you know, his mouth, like he wants another hit or something, then drops it likes its all too hot, then he crushes it like all the weed is gone and nothing left to smoke and then he get gets the gun from the table, don’t know what kind, 357 or whatever…”
    I giggle again.
    “And, and he sticks it in his mouth, I guess, ’cause about then I passed out. I didn’t nothing, you know?”

  3. M’Kay…
    Danielle Lee Zwissler
    I looked at my uncle Mat and his long hair and couldn’t help but want to fix it. He was a hippie, big time. From his tie-dye shirts down to his hairy feet in sandals.
    “Can I put hot rollers in your hair?” I asked, uncle mat looked up and then shrugged.
    “I don’t care, man. Just be careful, I’ve got my 357 here on the side.”
    I looked down to where my uncle had gestured and rolled my eyes. “Are you looking in to getting into trouble here or what?” I laughed. We lived in a nice, quiet neighborhood of 3000. The craziest thing happened here is a cow tipping, or a foghorn going off during a football game.
    “No, man, but you always have to be careful. Big brother’s everywhere.”
    I nodded. “You still smoking the wacky weed?”
    “Damn straight,” Uncle Mat said as I started brushing out his long tresses. His hair was great. “I’m not letting anyone tell me what I can or can not do. I fought in Nam. I’ll do whatever.”
    I nodded once more. “Yeah, I guess so.”
    I waited for the curlers to heat up, and grinned as my uncle watched That 70’s Show on his phone. He was straight up Leo.
    “This guy is hilarious,” Mat said, laughing.
    “Yeah, he sure is.” I put a roller in his hair.

  4. She stood there in her bell-bottom jeans and pointed the 357 Magnum at the cat. She was shaking with rage, and totally disheveled after her chase of that wretched feline through her messy 1970’s style house. Her hair was coming out of her hot rollers in little fuzzy tufts, she was missing one shoe, and she smelled of the patchouli oil she had spilled at the moment she had almost caught him.

    Finally, she had resorted to the gun. “You know what happens to naughty puss-pusses, right cat?,” she said crazily, “Pow! Right in the puss, that’s what happens!” With that, she started firing at the cat, who finally understanding that she was outright bonkers, flew out the window, pulling the curtains with him in his haste. She sighed and looked around, bemoaning to herself the holes that were now riddling her walls, and then she began taking out curlers.

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