Weekend Quickie #115

Start with…

The knight held the rook between his thumb and forefinger…

and end with…. And that was the last of Eden.

Use your own elements!  Have fun!

250 words


3 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #115

  1. The knight held the rook between his thumb and forefinger. Tempting though it was to place it on the seventh rank, knowing the supremacy of that position, the chance of capturing his opponent’s queen in two moves was overpowering. Was the beast on the other side of the board that blind to see it? The right flank was wide open to attack and the king was hemmed in by his bishops and pawns.
    “What are you waiting for, ducky? Too hot in that iron suit of yours?” grinned the devil.
    He had to try it, for the sake of humanity. He placed his rook.
    From what seemed like nowhere, the devil moved one pawn, a pawn, a single insignificant little pawn one square and the game was over. Checkmate. In despair, the knight dropped his helmeted head to the table with a crash, disrupting the playing board.
    “It seems your quest is over, ducky. You have lost the game and so lost our little deal. Not only are you now stuck in a time not your own, and when your death comes, your soul is mine, but history repeats itself, as I of course, knew it would.” He motioned the knight to turn his head towards the scene of a naked man and woman standing at an apple tree. A snake slithered down the trunk and whispered something to the woman, who, with almost no hesitation, took an apple and bit into it.
    And that was the last of Eden.

  2. No laughing matter
    Danielle Lee Zwissler
    The Knight held the rook between his thumb and forefinger and debated his next move. He looked at his opponent, the gesture. He sighed.
    “What? Big ole night can’t figure out his next move?” the gesture teased. He pushed his bottom lip out in a mock pout.
    “Shut up.” The Knight moved, he calculated his plan precise… He waited. The gesture moved, not taking his hand off the piece and then back again.
    “Having problems?” The Knight taunted.
    The gesture ignored him.
    “What are we playing for again?” the Knight asked snidely. “Oh that’s right, we’re playing for Eden.”
    Eden was the gesture’s family’s village. It was small, but had been in his family for years.
    “I know what you’re trying to do, and it won’t work.” He made his move. And grinned… “Check.”
    The Knight frowned. There wasn’t a place to go. He took a deep breath, and tried to see where he messed up. How… He stood up, nodded and shook the gesture’s hand. “You’ve beat me fair and square.”
    The gesture sighed. “Thank the Gods,” the gesture said, relieved. He moved out of the castle and headed toward his piece of land. When he got there, fires raged and his home was gone. There was nothing left but shambles of what was once there. He felt his throat close, he couldn’t breathe.
    The Knight closed in on him… “Sorry about that, I never lose. I…”
    “You did this?”
    The gesture was shocked to say the least. “I won, and you… you…”
    “This was done as soon as the game started. I never dreamed someone such as yourself would win. You’re always joking, always… anyway, I…”
    “You made sure that it was yours,” the gesture said, as a tree caught, the one tree left on his slice of heaven. His voice faded, “And that was the last of Eden.”

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