Weekend Quickie #113

Start with:   It was 2:30 in the morning…

Use the following elements: Grey Goose Vodka

Peanut M&Ms and Cher.

200 Words

5 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #113

  1. It was 2:30 in the morning. 2:30 in the morning before the drink gave courage enough to say “It is over.” I watched you gather your things. Packed in a bag, with all our hopes and dreams. The bottle of Grey Goose Vodka lay empty on its side. Empty like your heart. Empty like my life.

    Today you walked away. I suppose you thought I’d be crumpled like an old bag of your favourite peanut M&Ms. The memory of how you’d gobble them down in an instant, not heeding my choke warnings, had me smile for a moment.

    On the roof terrace. Grabbed the safety fence and with one look to the horizon then down 64 floors to the street… My heart flew as Cher’s voice came on the radio.
    When the love is gone
    There’s no one in the wings
    To take you home
    But there’s a strength one gets
    When going it alone
    To make you wiser when it comes again

    I take out my phone. Scroll to a number I know so well. It rings briefly before a voice answers sleepily. “Morning Jake!”, I say. “He’s gone. Forever. Fancy coming over?” Someone in the wings for me.

  2. It was 2:30 in the morning and I was still hanging over the cold, white toilet bowl, feeling sick, feeling tired, wishing I hadn’t drunk that last glass of Grey Goose Vodka down at the club. It may well be the most expensive and greatest tasting vodka on the market but one brand is just as good as another when you’ve had one too many. I almost made it to bed, too, if it hadn’t been for that opened pack of stale peanut M&Ms I spotted on the sideboard. They surely didn’t help my stomach, either, but when you’re desperately hungry and completely sloshed, you’ll try anything.
    I blame it all on that Cher-lookalike at the club, jeering me on to drink “just one more”. Her long black curly hair swishing across her lushous smile captivated me into splashing out and acting like a jerk in front of the regulars by succumbing to her whim and ordering the best the bar had. And what did I get at the end of the night? One final laugh from her lips as she left with another guy. Still, one positive thing from tonight. I won’t ever need to drink vodka again.

  3. It was 2:30 in the morning. The little guy hadn’t phoned home; he was on a familiar trail, picking up the yellow sweets with one hand and swinging the brown paper-bag in the other.

    The lime lights of Vegas set behind him as he lurched towards the shadows. Elliot, once again, was waiting at the end of the trail. His belongings were wrapped in a grey blanket within a tattered wicker-basket, which he hugged tightly as he waited in his cardboard lodgings. A long forgotten smile split his dry lips as he looked up from his hollow embrace.

    Gypsies, tramps and thieves stirred all around on hearing the rustle of the paper bag. A long, bony finger wrapped around the top of the bottle; the rocket-fuel flowed and a new journey began.

  4. It was 2:30 in the morning, and I could not get to sleep to save my life. My life? What life? Nothing was working out the way I had imagined. I sat up. “I may as well just get up” I thought.

    Donning a house robe and a pair of slippers, I shuffled my way to the kitchen and managed to scare up a cup of coffee. Out of habit, I flopped down at the computer, and pulled up Pandora. I’d let the computer pick the songs.. I certainly didn’t know what I was in the mood for.

    I poured a shot of vodka, and began popping peanut M&M’s. That’s when Pandora played Cher’s song, “Favorite Scars.” “Good God, was Cher still kicking around?” What was it about that woman? She’s done well for herself. It’s as if she just keeps re-inventing herself, and finding niches to fill.

    I looked at my bottle of Grey Goose vodka. These people made up a new niche for themselves; a super premium vodka, and look where they ended up; it’s my favorite. I wouldn’t drink anything else.

    “I need to examine what I’ve been doing, and then re-invent myself. I can DO this!”

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