5 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #112 (Sunday Edition)

  1. The lemon hit me straight in the forehead.
    “What the…?” Lemons are hard, especially when thrown at high speed by your girlfriend.
    “I’ve had enough!” She stormed out of the kitchen and went into the bedroom. By the time I’d rubbed my injury better, she’d packed a bag.
    “Honey, what are you doing?”
    “I’m leaving! I’ve had enough of you!” She searched through the bookshelves for treasures, including that ugly brown copy of Anne Frank’s Diary and began flinging our ripped DVDs around the room, taking out her “Friends” and “24”. A DVD filled with Johnny Carson’s old shows from the 80s hit me in the eye.
    “What did I do?”
    She threw the books and DVDs into another traveling case and made for the door. I frantically picked up the mess she’d left on the floor, checking to see whether she’d damaged any of my precious “Monkey Magic” rips. She hadn’t, they were still safely in their case.
    “It’s enough that you’re a Raiders fan and I’m a Chiefs, AND that your guys beat us last time…”
    “Well, I am from California,” I replied, now rubbing my eye.
    “And putting lemon in my tea when you darn well know that I HATE lemon…”
    “Sorry, force of habit. You usually make the tea first and then I add lemon.”
    “But, but THEN, goddamn! THEN you ask for a POP?!”
    “All I said was, can I have a soda?”
    “I HATE you!” She slammed the door and the flat was empty.

  2. The Diary

    Day 462
    Papa returned last night with good news. The contacts he made last week say there’s a possibility they could sneak us out as early as this coming fall. That means we’ll have to remain in hiding for another four months. This is exciting because I had nearly given up hope that escape was even possible. I shall lay awake all night and imagine what it will be like to walk the streets and breath in the open air. Oh, to experience wide open spaces, and sunshine on my face again.

    Day 463
    It’s a thunderstorm outside today. I can hear the rumblings as they vibrate the walls of our hiding place. I wonder if the rain drops are heavy and lazy, or small and fast. I relish the day I will be free to stand in the rain and feel it pelt me with it’s cool refreshing touch. Rainy days make our hide-away very humid and stuffy. I wish we had a window.

    Day 464
    Papa managed to fabricate a crude battery from our last lemons. We connected it to our portable miniature TV set. Seems as though the war is still raging. Late last night, on Johnny Carson, there were more public executions. Just before she was shot, one of the condemned shouted out, “Soda forever!” I was relieved to see there are still some of us out there. Oh, if we could only escape to California, and away from the stupid, irrational logic of the “Pop” Nazis.

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