2 thoughts on “Weekend Quickie #110 (Sunday Edition)

  1. Command O!
    It was Mother’s Day, and my children forced me to watch that new Will Ferrel movie, the one where he was a knight and had to save the damsel in distress from an evil dragon.

    “Mom, mom, watch this part! It’s hilarious.”

    I looked up at the screen just when good old Will ran across in nothing but his birthday suit.

    “Holy crap! Where’s his pants?”

    “It’s PJ 13, Mom, and besides, it’s just his butt.”


    “It’s funny.”

    I looked over at my son, he was stuffing his face with popcorn and laughing so hard that I was afraid a kernel would pop out of his nose. “That funny, huh?” I asked. He nodded.

    “You know what they should have, Mom?”

    “What’s that?”

    “When they have movies like this, like the ones in the old days, they should have themes to it. So, instead of popcorn they should have like sausage on a stick or something.”

    I made a face. “That doesn’t sound too appealing.”

    “I think it sounds spectacular!”

    I smiled and tried to watch the rest of the movie, and hoped that Will had found his pants.

  2. “Well, I didn’t think this was going to be so special, thank you, son,” said George’s mother, looking over the people who appeared at her surprise Mother’s Day berbecue.
    “Always the best for my mother,” said George, holding a plateful of meat snacks and offering them to the guests.
    “There’s King Arthur from Camelot, and Mr Braveheart with the three sisters from Scotland, and look, there’s the dragon. Aren’t you meant to kill him, George?” she asked, taking a salty biscuit with cheese.
    “Oh no, mother, we’ve overcome our differences. We had some drinks, talked it over and he promised to be good.”
    A princess with her entourage dropped a handkerchief. George, being a knight, had put on his Sunday best suit of armour for the occasion. He bent over to pick up the handkerchief and his mother yelped.
    “Oh, George, I know you’re a knight, but did you have to ‘go commando’, too?”
    George stood up quickly, embarrassed. Some of the guests had also noticed and chuckled amongst themselves. George handed back the handkerchief, only for the princess to walk away, laughing with her friends.
    “It’s a hot day, mother, I like to feel the wind down there, cools me down.”
    “I’ve seen bigger sausages on a stick!” shouted the dragon to much applause.
    George steamed away in his helmet.
    “Mark my words, mother, that dragon’s days are numbered!”

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