The Twelve Days of Christmas Day 7

On the Seventh day of Christmas my true love gave to me…Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer!


Reindeer Games

Abominable Snowman

Seven Swans a Swimming

400 Words

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  1. Who are you?

    All the other reindeer wouldn’t let poor Rudolph play in any reindeer games. This made Rudolph feel very sad. Walking away, Rudolph meandered his way through the pine forest below the meadow. The frivolity grew fainter and fainter as he moped his way along the stream. When he was far away, he lay down in the deep snow and wept.

    “Whats the matter, Rudolph?”
    Rudolph leaped up with a start. It was the abominable snowman. Rudolph took a cautious step back, “The rest of the reindeer make fun of me because I’m different from them. They have pushed me out of the community.”

    The Abominable snowman sat down heavily and gave a deep sigh, “Yes, I understand what that feels like. I, too, am ostracized from polite society because I am scary and clumsy. It’s so very lonely out here.” Then the snowman thought of an idea.
    “Well, there’s no need to our being lonely … apart. Let’s you and me hang out together.” It made sense to Rudolph.

    So the two went off together, talking about what was pressing on their minds. Rudolph showed the snowman how to smell the air for strangers in the area, how to leap over fences and dodge into thickets for protective cover. The snowman reciprocated, sharing his skills and knowledge by showing Rudolph how to dig a cave in a snow bank for cover from cold and how to cover his tracks so others couldn’t follow.

    After a couple of days, Rudolph was very hungry, for the snow was quite deep and forage was hard to find. The snowman, feeling sorry for Rudolph, showed him how to find food.
    “See those seven swans-a-swimming in the lake? Watch, and do as I do.” The snowman crept under cover until he was close, then leapt up, snatching a swan in his mouth and ripping its head off. Rudolph did the same. But as Rudolph was ripping and tearing at the swan carcass, he caught a glimpse of himself in the water’s reflection. He was shocked at the horrifying sight. “This is not who I am,” he thought, and he spit out the swan’s head. Apologizing to the snowman, Rudolph went back to the meadow and lived like a deer. He was still lonely, but he remained true to who he was ….
    Then one foggy Christmas Eve, Santa came to find Rudolph.

  2. “Laaaaadies aaaand Gentleman! I’d like to welcome you to the 2014 Reindeer games!” Yells an elf from on top of a pile of presents with a megaphone in his hand. He motions to the right and adds, “I would now like to introduce the big man himself… RUUUUDDOOOLPH!”
    Rudolph walks up next to him and bows to the gathered audience. “Hallo! Guten Tag!” He turns to the elf and gets a sour look on his face, “I thought we talked about this Remmy?”
    “B-But… Mein Fuhrer! Roesetta Stone… it takes a while to get through… Ja?”
    “Ja… it does… I have placed a lot of faith in you, Remmy. I will NOT accept failure… Understand?”
    “Ja Mein Fuhrer…”
    “Wunderbar!” Rudolph turns around in place to address the crowd. “Thank you for coming! Our first event of the day is the 100 meter free style swim!” He motions towards a large trough cut in the ice where the freezing water barely moves in the gentle artic breeze.
    Dasher yells out from his starting position, a trail of yellow snow leading up to him from behind, “It’s too cold! We won’t make it!”
    Rudolph grins widely. “Swim fasta then, it’ll keep you from freezing…”
    Prancer yells from the next lane, “And where’s Blitzen?”
    Rudolph sighs. “Oh, him. He shall not be participating in this event. I had a discussion with him earlier… Oh, Abe?” The abdominal snowman chucks a mangled carcass next to the side of the swimming path.
    The other reindeer scream in terror, Dasher makes the yellow puddle under him larger, and both Comet and Cupid vomit at the sight.
    “Danke Abe. Blitzen mistakenly thought HE was lead reindeer. We all know different now, Ja?”
    Donner screams, “Rudolph! We’re sorry! Please don’t do this!”
    Rudolph stamps his hoofs. “You should have thought of THAT before you and the FAT MAN ostracized me! Now get in the water! No flying or you’ll be shot!” They don’t move and Rudolph adds, “Abe, if they don’t move in 10 seconds, use the Luger.”
    The deer hop in and quickly start swimming the length.
    Rudolph comments. “Look! My own Seven swans a swimming! … I forgot to invite the artic sharks…” He runs over and kicks the remainder of Blitzen’s corpse into the water. Shortly after the water stats frothing with sharks chasing the swimmers in the bloody water. “Oh Dear, my poor swans…”

  3. (200 worder)

    “You can shove them reindeer games up your…”
    “Rudolph! You’re…you’re slushed!” screamed Hermey.
    “Where the hell do ya think I got this nose from, eh? Playing wid the misfit toys? Talking of which, where’s that jack-in-the-box? I’d like to give him one right on the smacker!” Rudolph put up his front hoofs as fists and staggering around the North Pole. He relieved himself on it.
    “Rudolph! What will Santa say?” Hermey tried to pull Rudolph off the Comet and Blitzen full-size Christmas decoration without much success.
    “Who cares?” Rudolph galloped away and ran into the 12 Days of Christmas parade practicing their moves and music. The seven swams a swimming scattered in his wake, but unfortunately the partridge lost his pear tree. A siren screeched overhead and Hermey found himself in the square alone with only drunk Rudolph. The place was silent. Then the ground began to shake.
    “Rudolph? I don’t think…”
    “Arh, shut up!”
    At first, all they could see was a fat man in a lumberjack shirt but then ‘it’ appeared.
    “Hello, there. My name’s Yukon Cornelius and this here is my pet, the Abominable Snowman.”
    Rudolph gulped.
    “That’s the last time I mix my whiskeys with eggnog.”

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