The Twelve Days of Christmas Day 2

On the Second Day of Christmas my true love gave to me…  It’s a Wonderful Life!

In the theme of It’s a Wonderful Life, write your own version of what happens when a bell rings!

Only it has nothing to do with angels, and everything to do with gargoyles and demons!

400 words

You must use the words: Garland, Baubles, Charlie Brown and Stella.

4 thoughts on “The Twelve Days of Christmas Day 2

  1. In Saint Andrews Cathedral the temperature is a bit chill and breezy, yet comfortable. The weather outside is fierce and can be heard howling through the church’s thick walls. A cabinet opens and simultaneously the head of a young boy appears.
    The young boy hops out after making sure the coast is clear. He walks up to an alcove in the side of the grand hall and eyeballs a collection of hanging bells. He grabs one of the candle extinguishers from the wall and slowly starts taping the bells and makes the hall echo with their sweet chiming.
    He lays his head over his folded arms on the table. His eyes stay fixed on the bells, even as a large shadow starts growing over him. A grough voice demands, “What are YOU doing here?”
    The young boy turns around lazily and stares up at his challenger, a large man sized gargoyle with oversized wings and a typically grotesque face. The boy thumbs towards the front of the hall. “I hid out again. Also, I’d like to do something for Father Malloy. If that’s okay.”
    The gargoyle kneels down and grins with a full faced snarl. “What’d you have in mind, Albert?”
    Shortly after the hall has gargoyles of various sizes running about. Albert is directing them and sorting various decorations they bring.
    The large gargoyle sets a tall hat stand in the center. “Will this work?”
    Albert nods energetically. “Thanks Chad. Now just hang the lights and circle it with the garland…”
    A short gargoyle with an abundant belly hobbles over with an armful of junk. “Look! I’s finds pretties!”
    Chad chuckles. “He thinks anything shiny is a bauble to collect…”
    A loud screeching comes from outside. Shortly after a granite bulldog comes scampering up to Albert.
    Albert kneels down. “Stella? What’s in your mouth?”
    Stella lets a mouthful of red slowly falls to the floor in a blob of drool. Chad stares at it and says with a growl, “An Imp’s wing…”
    Albert slowly backs into Chad, who wraps his wing around Albert and says with a snarl, “Don’t worry. You are safe in here… Gargoyles are destined to drive off demons, you know.”
    Albert looks up and smiles through his obvious fear. “It’s nice to have someone who cares about me.” He looks down as he says softly, “Most don’t. Like I’m Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree or something…”

  2. “Stella! You must see this.”
    “Oh what is it this time George?”
    “Look isn’t She a thing of Beauty.”
    “I can’t believe you. You drug me out of the comfy of our warm den for this. What a pathetical looking tree.”
    “You gotta look at the big picture here. Imagine a few decorative Baubles strategically hung .We also have those boxes of glittering silver garland in the attic. We could really benefit from the experience.”
    “Sure whatever you say,George. In the meantime I’m going back in to soak up the warmth from our den.”
    “You will see. Besides if it was good enough for Charlie Brown . It will be perfect for us.”
    Hours later there it was standing tall in front lawn with all its glistering beauty. For all passerby to admire. As a single reminder to all of the little things of the season.
    Whatever was suppose to be a day of beauty full of miracles soon became my day of justice for.
    The shimming bells of nearby St Vincent woke me up bringing back to reality as our bedroom seems warmer than normal.
    The room was completely empty with no Stella to be found my life was now as it shall always be alone. The door suddenly open as a grey haired hunchback Gargoyle made his presence followed by a red horned bat like creature.
    “Well George Bailey I see you decided to join us.” The shrilling voice of the demons proclaimed.
    “Who are you. Where am I?”
    “We are your guardian angels I’m Centurian , this here is Bargue we have came to get you to deliver you to our leader the grim reaper.”
    “George Bailey for your years of miss treating your fellow mates you have two choices like Centurian and Barargue you can be one of my peasants or you will burn like others before you. You have till midnight on the 25 for your decision.”
    I now seat here in my cell till judgment hour. My faith was now in my hand. Shall I live on or burn in hell.
    “Well our dear friend what shall it be. Shall you join our army or char to be our lunch.”
    It would appear they had a good lunch.

  3. Oh, It’s such a Wonderful life…

    The bell rang as the door opened. Another customer entered his shop of trinkets and fancies.
    “Good evening, sir, and how can I help you on such a warm and wonderful night as this?” asked Baphometh, the owner.
    “Good evening. Erm, I just noticed you have some Christmas items on sale, and well, seeing as yours seems to be the only shop open in the whole street, well…” The customer took off his hat and gloves. “Sorry, did you say warm? It’s snowing outside.”
    “Oh, sorry, sir, did I say warm? I meant cold.” The demon stood up from the unseen burning flames engulfing his chair.
    “Although, now you come to mention it, it is rather warm in here…”
    “Yes, sir, no expense is spared for our customers. Christmas items, sir? Please step this way.” Baphometh trotted around the counter and showed his customer the aisle for yuletide novelties.
    “I say, isn’t it a bit late to be celebrating Halloween?”
    “Sorry, sir?”
    “The get-up. The horns, the tail and hooves. Jolly good costume, though.”
    “Why, thank you, sir. I shampooed my tail only last night. I think perhaps sir will find all the baubles, garland and decorations you could wish for.”
    “Thank you, yes, there does seem to be a spendid selection…erm, are these gargoyles?”
    “Yes, sir, you have a keen eye. Christmas gargoyles, all the rage, sir.”
    “Oh, really? They’re slightly, well, ugly.”
    “Well, sir, they are gargoyles.” Baphometh slapped his swishing tail on the floor.
    “Quite. What I’m really looking for is…refreshments.”
    “Refreshments, sir? This isn’t a corner shop, sir.” This one was beginning to irritate him, making his face redder than usual.
    “Not even a drink or two? Some Stella Artois? Peanuts?”
    “Peanuts, sir? If I recall correctly, I do have an old Charlie Brown video in the storeroom somewhere…”
    “Charlie Brown? No, no, peanuts, salted or honey roasted? I’d even settle for some pork scratchings.”
    “Now you’re talking, sir. I just knew I could help you, sir. I’ve had a pig on the roast for quite a while now, I’m sure its skin is ready.” Baphometh skipped across his shop, sure of a sale.
    “A real pig? Any chance of…”
    “Oh, yes, just right!” He stroked the roasting body on the spit and licked his fingers, beaming back at his customer.
    “But that’s…that’s…!”
    “A pig, sir, yes. Stole a whole country’s pensions and more to boot…sir?”

  4. Direct hit

    Charlie Brown attached the remaining baubles, and the last of the popcorn garland onto his pitiful wisp of a Christmas tree. “There, isn’t she beautiful?” He turned to Stella, his guardian angel, and smiled broadly.
    “Oh, Charlie Brown, she’s the prettiest tree I’ve ever seen.”

    “Thanks, Stella, for all you’ve done for me. I would have made a terrible mistake to take my own life, but you’ve shown me the effect that would have had on everyone who has ever had anything to do with me.”

    “Well, Charlie, my work is done here. It’s been a pleasure. Goodbye.”

    After hugging Charlie Brown, Stella turned and walked off down the street; disappearing into the dark of night.

    Just then Lucy came walking up. “Hey, Blockhead, you call THAT a tree?”

    Charlie kept his cool, “I love this tree, Lucy. Just because it’s not huge and full, and dripping with expensive decorations doesn’t mean it doesn’t represent the true spirit of Christmas. This tree reminds me of the value of every person; in spite of what they can, or cannot do, or what they look like, or what they have.”

    “You’re an idiot, Charlie Brown. Everyone knows that more is better. For example, I have more brains than you, so that makes me better. Everyone knows that designer clothing makes the person, and THAT’S why I’m better than you. Why, Charlie Brown, everyone knows I’m smarter, and faster, and better looking, I have business sense, and I appreciate fine things. YOU, on the other hand, are stupid and clumsy. You fail at everything you try, and you can’t even kick a stupid football, or fly a stupid kite. I am better than you, Charlie Brown. It’s just a fact of life. Don’t you wish you were me?”

    “Yes, Lucy, much of what you have said is true; you can do those things better than I can. Yes, I do fail at the things I try to do, and my kites are little more than snacks for the kite-eating trees, but I don’t care about those things as much as I do about being kind, and encouraging, forgiving, and helpful. I have faith, hope and love, Lucy, and you need them.”

    Just then the bell on Charlie Brown’s tree tinkled brightly.

    Somewhere in the pits of hell, Lucy’s demon screamed as his wings were ripped from his back

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