The Thanksgiving Continuation Part 4

Happy Thanksgiving, Americans!  And to the rest of you, Happy day! Today’s 4th part is simple. All you need to do is do a flashback for one of your characters, but here’s the twist… in the flashback, you have to mention the Iron Writer, and one of the writers that participates in the group. Today’s word challenge is 200 words. 

3 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Continuation Part 4

  1. Reasby Fen – part 4

    “Wait!” The tall man stood over us. For a moment we did, but then the girl began CPR on her father like a professional.
    “Wow, you’re good.” I was amazed at her skill and strength.
    “Oh, he always has these, especially in situations like this.” She nodded over to my tail.
    “Wait!” The tall man was back. “I just had a flashback!”
    “Are you sure it wasn’t a ‘flush’ back? You left a hell of a stink in there,” I said, gesturing over to the cubicle. The girl made no response to my joke, busy with her chest compressions.
    “It was from the Iron Writer, something one of the writers said…who was it? Tony, Tony Jaeger! Yes, it was him!”
    “Exactly,” said the tall man. “He was talking about doing something creative and wonderful…but nothing ever came of it…” The tall man stood silent, hanging over myself and the girl breathing into her father and checking for a rise in his chest. “Err…what was my point again?”
    The girl and I looked at each other and shrugged.
    “We don’t know.”
    “Perhaps that was my point.” He shook his head and went back to the wall, pacing its length.

  2. Life And Death On Vista Trail

    Beth dropped her coffee cup into the sink. She grabbed hold of the counter, trying to stabilize herself.
    When she felt steady on her feet she picked up her phone and called Lynn.
    “Hello, Beth.”
    “Hey, Lynn, do you remember that time at the fair when we met the guy in the knight’s costume? What did he say his name was?”
    Lynn thought for a moment. “I don’t know. Marcus. No, Marshall. Why?”
    “No,” Beth said. “It was Mathew. Mathew W. Weaver. He said he was a member of the Iron Writer group. No.”
    “Why no, Beth? What is it?”
    “I just had a flashback. We were meeting him at the fair but he said more. It was like I knew what he was thinking. Lynn, he knew my secret and was going to use it in a story!”
    “So what, hon. He couldn’t have known who you really were. You were a donkey, remember?”
    Beth sighed. Lynn just wasn’t getting the urgency of the situation. It was making Beth angry.
    “I need to find out for sure, Lynn. Please help me.”
    “And if you do find him?”
    “Then he has to go.”

  3. Your Neighborhood Gang from Center Street, Part IV
    B Y Rogers

    I gazed around, expecting to see someone, someone that I believed should be there but wasn’t. I remembered him now.
    “Where’s Mike?”
    “Pitman, I think. He left…suppose to leave here, after I did. He promised he would help me do something. Not sure what.”
    “He died here and was born into the world you came from a year or so as you promised. But he can’t help you because you died in that world and was born here.”

    I looked at my hand. It was solid stone. Cold, hard. My emotions seemed to dictate my shapeshifting.

    “He a tree now,” Barry and Danielle’s daughter said. “After you left here, he learned that you would be coming back before you could build The Iron Writer. So he decided he wanted to be a tree, so he became a tree, hoping to become paper, so someone would write on him.

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