The Thanksgiving Continuation Part 6

 Today one of your characters sends an important letter, while another thinks about his/her past.


 200 words


Tomorrow is the end…so start the wrapping up of your story. Hint: tomorrow’s word count is 141.

3 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Continuation Part 6

  1. Reasby Fen pt6

    “Damn. What’s your name?”
    “Griff, my name’s Griff.” I raised my hand to shake but she was busy with her father.
    “Daisy. Look, Griff, I’ve gotta go out and send an important letter. I saw a postbox a few yards away.”
    “A letter? But your father…?”
    “Can you do this until I get back?” She placed my hand on his cold body and showed me how to do CPR. Properly, this time.
    “Err, okay, got it.”
    “I know it’s crazy, but..but…it’s the snow, you see, the snow. I won’t be long.” And with that, she was gone.
    Before I could contemplate the significance of it all, the tall man woke from his fifteen seconds of fame.
    “You know, I had a chance once.”
    I continued to do as Daisy had asked, trying to bring life back to her dead father.
    “A chance?”
    “Yes, a chance, to be a writer. Oh, yes, I spent many a long night at my desk, writing away, churning out the words, the pages, the stories.”
    “Really?” This CPR was hard work.
    “Yes, but once you’ve written one story about a lonesome vampire cowboy who’s desperately in love with a snow princess, you’ve written them all.”

  2. Life And Death On Vista Trail

    Beth and Lynn sat at Beth’s kitchen table. They were enjoying their coffee. The sun was streaming through the window over the sink. Beth liked living in the house where she had grown up.
    Lynn was rambling on. “So I have to send this letter. Or do I? Should I? Or no? Beth, tell me what you would do. Beth?”
    “What? Sorry, I was just thinking. Just stuck in the past. Yes, go mail the letter. Are you sure that guy is the father? Well, then go, mail it.”
    Lynn rose and put on her coat, scarf, hat and gloves. She left through the back door.
    Beth went back to her revelry.
    She was thinking back to high school, all the times she had shifted to another form when she was in a corner. Everything from becoming a fly to scoot out of a classroom when she wasn’t prepared for a test to turning into a snarling wolf when there was danger about.
    All the times she and Lynn had gone to the fair as a maiden and her donkey or as a maiden and her dog.
    She had taken so many chances.

  3. Umbra of Alice Jennings part 6
    Richard Russell

    Slipping and sliding into a Motel 6, we got a room to sit out the storm. Maggie and Alice’s daughter carried in the TV, and set it in a chair by the coffee table.

    Realizing we weren’t going to make it to Maggie’s folks for Thanksgiving, I grabbed the phone. The line was down. I hurried down to the receptionist’s desk; she was unable to help me. Standing in the lobby, looking out at the blizzard, I noticed a snowplow truck pulling in from the highway. I quickly scribbled out a note to Maggie’s parents, “Stranded along Route 69 near Oklahoma border with a dead alien shape-shifter and her daughter from the future. Maggie is well. Sorry we can’t make it for dinner. Love, Jack.”

    I handed it to the plow driver to deliver when he got to the city. Returning to the room, I found Maggie sitting next to the TV. She was hugging it as she talked, “… My childhood was rather pleasant, I think. I always thought I was pretty normal. I wasn’t a “shape-shifter”, but I was a bit of a chameleon. I tended to become like the people I was with at the time …”

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