The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #48


The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #48

One Image

One Prompt

One Emotion

200 Words

Grandma’s Kitchen


Lost Shoes

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  1. “Oh, I feel so exuberant!”
    “Nana, are you okay?” The kitchen floor and table were covered with crates. “What are you doing?”
    “I’m making apple pie. You know, I haven’t felt this good in ages! I’m so full of energy!”
    She potted around the kitchen, never really doing anything other than picking up apples and half peeling them.
    “Nana, you’re making a mess…Nana? Where’s the bag I left here on the counter?” My grass was gone. I’d never thought to worry about leaving stuff around the house before, Nana hadn’t been herself since Papa died.
    “Oh, that! I fancied a tea, so I brewed those leaves up. Wonderful tea! You must get more of that, Teddy.”
    Nana had brewed up my whole week supply of grass. Unbelievable, I didn’t even know you could do that. I’d have to go out and get more.
    “Nana, where are my shoes?”
    “Shoes?” Humming to herself, she sat down and her eyes glazed over.
    “Nana? Are you okay? Don’t you think you’ve got a few too many apples here for one pie?”
    “Oh, look, they’re flying.” She stared around the kitchen, oblivious to my questions.
    “Nana, my shoes?”
    “Lost, all lost, lost shoes…”

  2. “Granny, Granny, can you hear me? Turn up the gain on the audio feed. I can’t seem to get through.” Tom was ecstatic at the prospect of his first televised cooking show. “Bob, you mark my words. This is gonna be huge!” “Tom, Something’s wrong. We should be receiving the signal now. We’re on the air in ten minutes.” Turning up the audio gain, and tweaking a few other controls, Tom was able to register a signal, but it was audio only; no video was coming in.

    “Hello, Granny, can you hear me?” “Tom, is that you? It’s so nice to hear your voice.” “Granny, are you ready to do the show? Have you everything ready? We go on the air in just a few minutes.” “Oh, Tom, I had lost my shoes, but I found them. They were caught on the ceiling fan. Things are … different up here, you know. There’s one other little thing, Tom.” “Tell me later, Granny, we’re going live now.” Bob discovered a lose video plug, and plugged it back in.

    Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen, to Space age cooking, with Granny Smith.

    Everyone gaped at the video picture that popped up on the screen.

  3. “Put on this white apron, Grandma,” Chrystal said. “And these woolly slippers.”

    “I haven’t made an apple pie in years, darling. Not since you were ten.” Her expression became bleak.

    Chrystal should have remembered that last summer at the farm. She was so intent on capturing the good memories, pastry smells, down-to-earth goodness, happiness, that she’d forgotten what happened later.

    “I loved helping you with the apples, Grandma. And Grandpa loved them so. You were the centre of our universe,” she said softly, focussing on the positive.

    “I felt that,” Grandma said simply.

    She kept her composure throughout the shoot and the photo worked perfectly.

    On the day of the exhibition, Chrystal led her grandmother into one of the gallery’s rooms, a scarf covering her eyes.


    She whipped the scarf off. The entire back wall was one huge mural. “Grandma’s Apple Heaven” was the title of the piece followed by “$5,795.00”.

    “Wonderful!” Grandma said exuberantly. “You’ve captured it. I was the centre of the universe.”

    She looked at Chrystal. “Will you promise me one thing?”


    “When you sell it…can you please replace my shoes? Mine were lost that day.”

    “What? Stewed along with the apples?”

    “Flavouring,” Grandma said with a twinkle.

  4. You just wrote what I actually did to my Mom back in ’79. But not before she gave a State Cop some left over ‘herb tea’. Couldn’t get rid of the guy. He took a fancy to her and that “dern good tea” she had.

  5. So what happens when a person blessed, or cursed, with psychokinesis grows old and senile? Accidents, that’s what. There is no better illustration of this than Emma, my granny.

    Back in her day, granny Em would have given Carrie White a run for her money in terms of psychic power. But granny wasn’t teased, taunted, or driven mad by her mother. No, granny Em was raised with love and affection on an idyllic apple orchard in Rhode Island that eventually became her own.

    In her early golden years, granny Em started to forget things. After her 70th birthday, unfortunately, one of the things she forgot was how to control her powers. We moved in with granny Em to help care for her and to protect her from herself.

    Yesterday granny sat at the kitchen table in deep thought. She began mumbling about missing house slippers, her eyes fixated off in space. Several crates worth of apples slowly began to levitate, filling the air through-out the kitchen. Heavy pots started to begin to move when at last granny remembered where the shoes were. Exuberant at the recollection, everything dropped to the floor in a mighty crash.

    Now you see our struggle.

  6. Taking the ‘high’ road
    Danielle Lee Zwissler
    For nearly 50 years I’d tried to move objects with my mind, and today I had finally done it.
    Let me start from the beginning, when I was a little more exuberant than I am now. I was around 15 years old when I went to the Wilkes High School Jr. prom. My date, Freddie ‘fast fingers’ McNair, had been trying to get me alone the entire evening. I told him that I wasn’t ready, but Freddie, wouldn’t be deterred.
    He brought me to a hotel room, white sheets in contrast with a dark forest green on the walls. The Holiday Inn was the big time back in the day. I was impressed. Actually, I thought about ‘doing it’ just because he went to so much trouble.
    I swatted those ‘fast fingers’ away more than once. I remember concentrating on the light fixture on the ceiling, picturing it dropping down and crashing right into Freddie’s head.
    Nothing happened.
    Now, here I am, older than dirt, making an apple pie and all these damndable apples are floating around my head. Had I known all I had to do was get a little high beforehand, I would have done that years ago!

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