The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #25


 The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #25

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Twelve

One Picture

One Element

One Emotion

200 Words

Church Worship

The Peace that Passeth All Understanding

12 Drummers Drumming

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  1. Part 12

    It was all there at the Midnight Mass, the partridge in a pear tree, the doves, hens, lords, maids, everything and everyone. The church was full of people. The final piece to the puzzle, twelve drummers drumming, a group of children from the local school, were making one hell of a racket performing. The crazy man with huge hands was standing nearby, watching a light in front of him grow larger and larger. The image of a woman appeared and was beginning to solidify.
    Then it happened. The roof disappeared, the sky opened up, lightning struck, thunder, torrential rain, snow, fish, locusts, cats and dogs. People screamed and ran. Brad was reminded of the premonition of doom.
    Brad acted quickly. He jumped in amongst the twelve children, found a pair of bongos and sat down. Anyone can play the bongos. Brad caught onto the rhythm and was playing along with them in seconds.
    “Oh, my darling, my lov…what! What is this?”
    The woman faded, the skies cleared, snow fell. The clock struck midnight.
    The man saw Brad.
    “You! I’ll…!”
    Brad felt the peace that passeth all understanding as the man strangled him.
    “And a Merry Christmas to you, too.”

  2. A cacophony of drums assaulted the ears of the assembled family.

    ‘Sorry,’ muttered the nurse, turning off the MP3 player. ‘Twelve drummers drumming is too much.’

    The lawyer spoke loudly. ‘We’re here to go over Mr Montgomery’s last will and testament.’

    The nurse glanced over the faces. Solemn. Passive. Emotionless. She could hardly imagine them all holding candles at Mr M’s funeral.

    ‘Aside from a couple of bequests, his estate will be divided equally.’

    The nurse nodded.

    ‘Naturally, the questionnaires you completed indicating your preferences contain duplications. His painting from the summer cottage proved popular. So I drew names from a hat. All monetary values have been adjusted to keep everything equal. The lists will be distributed.’

    All eyes were riveted on the lawyer.

    ‘Months ago, Mr Montgomery put the cottage into a Trust. You’re free to visit; my office will hold the keys.’

    The lawyer nodded he was finished. The nurse played another drum roll.
    There was a moment’s silence, a peace that passeth all understanding, the nurse thought.

    ‘Let’s go! Champagne and cakes in the dining-room!’ the old man called.

    The nurse pushed his wheelchair towards the feast. ‘Great idea having an early wake,’ she said.

    He laughed. ‘My kind of fun.’

  3. The next day I called Sara. I invited her to candle-light services at the church. It was Christmas Eve and I wanted to be with her.

    “Of course I will go Joel,” she said. “I am sorry I got so upset last night on the roof.”

    “No. I deserved it,” I said.

    We showed up to the services early. The youth group drummers were performing. There were twelve of them in all and the power of their percussion instruments could be felt as we entered the narthex.

    “You never told me what you thought of that audiobook my sister and her husband recommended at dinner last week,” Sara said.

    “I returned it. It wasn’t very deep and I’m pretty sure the author had no idea what he was writing from one day to the next,” I said.

    Sara laughed. “Well at least you got your credit back. Did you find something else you wanted?”

    “Your hand in marriage,” I said.

    “Uh huh. Smooth,” she said as she passed me my candle.

    “No, really.”

    “Some day,” she said and winked.

    The lights dimmed and the service started with Silent Night. We sang together, feeling touched by God and his peace everlasting.

  4. Episode 12

    FX: Sounds of train-car hitches jolting to a stop, then a long train whistle

    Narrator – “Waking with a start, Jack Brandy sat up in the corner of the boxcar. The bright sunlight streamed into the car and hurt his eyes. Looking around at the crates of merchandise, Jack was more than a little confused. Did he just have the strangest dream? But it felt so real, so vivid. He walked over to the boxcar door and surveyed the situation.”

    Jack – “Well, I’m not in the same place as when I got on this train; must be the next town.

    Narrator – “Still wearing his bright orange cap, and flaming red jacket, Jack climbed down from the train and walked into town. Shuffling along, preoccupied with the visions in his head, he heard the sound of drumming coming from the church across the street.”

    FX: Faint sounds of multiple drums

    Jack – “Drums in a church?

    Narrator – “Jack had a pretty good idea what that was all about, and was compelled to go and see. Walking inside the church, Jack was catching the tail end of the twelve days of Christmas song as the twelve drummers drumming were just finishing.”

    FX: Many people singing Joy to the World under

    Narrator – “All the people inside held lit candles, and started singing , ‘Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King. Let every heart prepare Him room …’ Seeing a nativity scene set up at the front right side of the sanctuary, Jack walked right up to it, and stood there staring down at the plastic baby Jesus.”

    Jack – “You called me by name, didn’t You.”

    Narrator – “One of the women dressed as an angel in the nativity heard what Jack said and spoke up.”

    Woman – “ … And He calls His own sheep by name and He leads them out … and (they) follow Him for they know His voice.”

    Narrator – “Jack looked up at the woman and understood exactly what she said.”

    Jack – “I’ve heard His voice.”

    Woman – “Follow Him.”

    Narrator – “Then the woman handed him a small wrapped Christmas gift, and Jack walked to the back of the church. The pastor was back there, and he and Jack spoke together for some time. Their conversation ended with an agreement that Jack would return the following Monday to discuss some things in greater detail. The two shook hands, and Jack stepped out of the church and paused briefly to unwrap the little present.

    FX: Paper tearing

    Narrator – “It was a small glass bottle with a cork stopper, filled to the top with water, he supposed. The label, tied on with a piece of wire, read, ‘I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.’ In parentheses at the bottom it said, ‘No charge.’ Looking up to the bright morning sun, Jack Brandy was filled with a joy that passes all understanding from any logical analysis ……and it NEVER left him.”

    FX: sounds of cars driving by, people walking and talking, church bells under

    Jack- “Wait a sec …. that whole nativity was plastic … wasn’t it?”

  5. As I sat on the platform waiting to receive the ribbon of honour from the community as well as a cash prize, I listened to the twelve drummers drumming and my mind went back to three months ago when I saved Little Emily’s life from a speeding car. It all started when I went roller skating with Tina. We were just about sailing past the local cafeteria when I noticed this girl running after a ball while her mother was busily typing away on one of the tables set outside for those who preferred the outdoor. I was just about shouting at her to draw her attention to her child when I noticed a car speeding down from atop the hill. I knew every second counted so I wheeled around and grabbed this girl just a split second before the car could have knocked her down.
    ‘Oh my God. Oh my God.’, her cried as she grabbed the child from. She looked visibly shaken and her child also started crying.
    She took my number and called promising that she would find a way to reward me. And here I was today, ready to receive my reward when the drums stop.

    • Frances, thank you for taking a Weekend Quickie Challenge. I apologize for the late approval. Christmas and all. Please stick around and get to know us.

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