The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #24

 The Iron Writer Weekend Quickie #24

The Twelve Days of Christmas – Day Eleven

One Picture

One Element

One Emotion

(No photo prompt for this Weekend Quickie.)

11 Pipers Piping
Joy and Anticipation

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  1. ‘Is that you wearing a kilt?’ the nurse asked, pointing to one of the old man’s photographs.

    ‘Hogmanay one year,’ he said. ‘My friend Mac always had to outdo everybody. Insisted we all wear kilts that New Years. Managed to get a bagpipe band, would you believe, to pipe in the haggis.’

    ‘I’ve never liked the sound of haggis. Even less than the sound of bagpipes,’ she said, smiling at her turn of phrase.

    ‘Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it,’ the old man said. ‘I love haggis. It’s nutty, spicy, rich and delicious. But you might be right about the pipes. Bagpipes are kind of hard on the ears, but mighty impressive, especially when eleven pipers are piping inside.’ He pointed to another photo. ‘That’s more like it. Peace and quiet, Christmas Eve, and the kids ready for bed – anticipation on their part, and, I have to admit, a quiet joy on mine.’

    The nurse smiled at him.

    ‘They were a rowdy couple of kids, generally. To be truthful, Kay staged this photo, but you have to admit it’s a beauty.’

    He lay back on his pillows. ‘I’ve been blessed.’

    The nurse straightened the bedclothes. ‘That you have, Mr M.’

  2. Part 11

    The front door was wide open and the music spread out into the darkness. Brad ran inside, not wishing to miss the next move. On entering the dining room, he saw the lords a leaping, and also the source of the music. Bagpipes, eleven pipers piping.
    Brad hid behind a chair as the crazy man danced on the table.
    “Soon! Soon, I will see her again!”
    Yet more of his ramblings!
    “Oh, Daphne! To hear your voice once more, to play as we once played together!”
    The crazy man stopped dancing and his attention was taken by the great fireplace covered in Christmas decorations and stockings.
    “We used to kneel by the fire in joy and anticipation of the morning to come, our Christmas morning. The presents, the chestnuts! Oh, I miss you so, my dear darling sister!”
    This man was doing all this for his sister? They must’ve had a strong bond, Brad guessed. Through instinct, he thought about taking the man by force though stopped when he saw the hands. He knew what he should do.
    But once again, the man pressed more buttons on that damn device and a portal appeared. Brad had only one chance left.

  3. Episode 11

    FX: A gentle breeze rustling the tall grasses

    Narrator – “Jack Brandy stood on the hillside, under a glistening sky, and shooting stars asking himself …”

    Jack – “Who am I that I should see what lies behind that door?”

    Narrator – “Then he heard that still small voice again in his spirit say, “Jack Brandy, come and see.” Eyes fixed on the doorway of the building, Jack stepped forward until his hand rested upon the latch.”

    FX: sound of door latch and door opening

    Narrator – “Opening the door he stepped inside … into a living room; his living room of many, many years ago. He and his sister were crouched at the fireplace in anticipation of Santa’s visit. His sister turned her head to face Jack in the doorway and spoke.”

    Sister – “He’s coming …”

    Narrator – “Then she turned back her gaze to the chimney from whence “he” was expected to come. Jack walked through the living room into a hallway. Opening the door to another room, he looked and saw Romeo and Juliet holding hands and standing at the window looking out. They were whole and unharmed. They turned to Jack, and said, “

    Romeo, and Juliet (together), “He’s here.”

    Narrator – “Jack continued to the door at the end of the hallway, and just as his hand touched the latch, the blasts of eleven trumpeters split the silence as if to declare to one and all the presence of The King. The door swung open and in a sudden silence, Jack stepped into a stable with sheep and goats, donkeys and chickens, and there in the middle of the room was a feeding tough, and lying in the trough, wrapped in strips of cloth was a baby. Then Jack walked through the stable to the back window and peered outside. There in the hillside was a man, beaten and bruised, hanging on a cross; dead. Jack looked back at the manger, but the baby was gone. He looked back out the window, and the cross was empty.
    Then …………… an audible voice spoke from behind him …”

    The Man – “Jack.”

    Narrator – “Jack turned around to face The Man from the cross, completely healed, standing within arms reach.” Completely undone, Jack tried to speak.”

    Jack – (in humility) “Jesus …… I am not “the partridge in the pear tree”, You are.”

    The Man – “I am.”

    Narrator – “And Jack Brandy knelt to the ground.”

  4. “I’m pregnant Joel.”

    I was silent for a moment, staring at the stars.

    “How?” I said.

    Sara pulled away and looked at me, hurt.

    “How? How do you think Joel. Christ, I thought…”

    She fell silent and turned away.

    “You thought…?”

    “I thought you would be excited,”she said. “You always talk about wanting a son someday.”

    “Yeah, some day, not in a few months!”

    You would’ve thought I had just slapped her. She stormed away, the gravel of the roof crunching underfoot.

    “Sara, I didn’t… mean, I’m sorry!”

    But she was gone.

    I went back to my car and started home.

    Passing The Waters again, it appeared a Christmas party was in full swing. Old timers were dressed gayly in reds and greens. Alan Jackson singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town briefly eclipsed my somber choice of eleven pipers piping on the AM dial.

    Joy, anticipation. Why couldn’t I feel these things instead reeling over how I haven’t even asked her to marry me yet?

    At a stop sign I looked over and saw a boy and girl cozying up to the fireplace through a picture window.

    I did want to be a father.

    But this felt so sudden.

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