The Iron Writer Wars

The Iron Writer Wars is a semi-annual event held every February and September. It is an entry fee event where the majority of the revenue from the entry fee is award to the winners. The first war will take place in February 2018.

The tentative rules for the first war are:
$15 entry fee
600 word limit
5 prompts
One month deadline
Participant cap set at 100 writers
Any genre except erotica
Two rounds: Preliminary and Final. Top 10 in the preliminary round advance to the final. No entry fee for the final round.
Five judges will be selected from the writers in The Iron Writer Group. Judges decision are final. Judges will choose the prompts.

1st = 25% of gross entry fee
2nd = 20%
3rd = 15%
4th = 10%

The remaining 30% will be used to pay the judges and to cover the cost of running the website hosting the War. Each judge will be vetted and credentialed. Judges will be chosen upon their degrees, publications, etc. A list of judges will be available to those submitting to the Iron Writer Wars.

All participants must have a PayPal account.

Writers retain all copyrights. I do ask that the writers allow The Iron Writer Challenge/Iron Writer Wars to publish their story in the Iron Writer War anthology. Revenue from the anthogly will go towards the expense of running the challenge. Once the challenge expenses are met, any additional revenue will be distrubuted between the winners in the subsequent war.

I am not out to make money from this effort. I will put as much as I can into the payout. That said, if this project is successful, it will take time and effort on my part to manage it, as well as bandwidth for the website. Currently, the website costs me approximately $350 a year. I will not take any money from the first war.

As The Iron Writer Wars grows, the entry fee will increase, the number of participants will be limited but we will introduce separate genres, with the same number of writers. The percentage awarded may go down a point or two, as the time it takes to manage this grows and the related costs.