The Iron Writer Challenge – Weekend Quickie #198

The Iron Writer Challenge – Weekend Quickie #198

Write a 200 word story using these elements …1360773478_22




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  1. “Sometimes I pamper you too much,” said Rosie, sipping her coffee at the kitchen table after four hours at the vet’s, trying to take her cats for a check-up. “Why oh why you all had to go together, I have no idea.”
    ‘It was part of our deception and subterfuge, my queen,’ purred Felix. ‘Flossy kept that vile man’s attention while I slipped away.’
    “And what was all that fuzz about, eh, Felix?” asked Rosie, staring straight at him. “You never do that. No one could find you for a whole hour!”
    ‘I was planting the bombs and setting the fuses, my queen. It does not take a mere five minutes, especially when one does not have an opposable digit.’
    “Still, at least the vet could get a look at you. Finally! He said he can neuter you next week. I’ve got the appointment, Wednesday afternoon,” said Rosie.
    ‘That day will not come for him!’ meowed Felix. ‘He will never touch me again with his sweaty, clammy hands!’
    “What’s wrong, Felix? Are you scared?” chuckled Rosie.
    Felix watched the explosion erupt, milliseconds before its sound rang through the city, making Rosie spill some coffee.
    ‘I loathed that place,’ purred Felix.

  2. The Purge!

    KA-BLOOOOOM!!! An apartment exploded down the street. Jenny flinched and sloshed her coffee. Kiko, one of her three cats, purred as Jenny scratched behind her ears. “Did that make you jump too, Kiko? I can never get used to those explosions. What’s the world coming to, people killing each other?”
    Natasha and Boris, her other two cats, made eye contact, and Boris jumped up on the stove to view the orange fireball.

    Later, in the building’s basement laundry, Jenny was washing her clothes; she noticed Kiko slip into a back room. Curious, Jenny pushed the door open, stepping in. Ten cats huddled around a map of the city glared back. Suddenly the door closed behind her. She pondered aloud, “What’s going on here?”

    Kiko spoke telepathically, “We are systematically exterminating every dog in the city.” (All the cats shuddered at the mention of the ‘d’ word.)
    Ginger, a mangy alley cat, hissed manically, “And then the world!”
    Stunned, Jenny asked, “How?”
    Boris chortled, “That last one, we snuck in and opened the gas lines. We used this,” he produced a crude nine-volt remote trigger, “to ignite the gas after we had gone.”
    Natasha brushed against Jenny’s legs. “We could use your help, you being a veterinarian and all. You could give us addresses for every dog (they all shuddered) in the city from the general data base.

    “Imagine … an end to all those obnoxious, stinking piles of parasite-breeding poop on the sidewalks,”
    mused Jenny.

    She gasped, “Wait a second, you can talk!”
    Kiko rolled her eyes. “Shut up and just get us those addresses,” she snapped.

  3. Silence
    Roger Campbell

    “Hey Sam.” As Johnny approached he offered his hand, an offer not accepted. “Still mad with me?”

    “Why would I be mad with you?”

    “Aren’t you getting enough revenge? I’m married to her and you’re free.”

    “That’s why I’ll probably go easy on you. Relax, revenge is best served on a silver platter. Ah, don’t you collect silver?” Sam had a slight smile.

    Johnny shot a few mental darts before rejoining his wife.

    “What are you up to?” Sandy asked her husband once Johnny was out of hearing range.

    “Who? Me?”

    “Yeah, you. Look, I know you. I’m not worried about you leaving me and trying to get Patty back. But I know you’re not going to let Johnny get away with taking her. So what are you planning to do?”

    “You’re presuming too much. . . . Look at them.”

    Sandy slowly turned and saw Patty and Johnny looking at them.

    “They’re busy trying to figure out what I’m going to do to upset them.”

    Sandy looked at him, then them. “You’re upsetting them without doing a thing, aren’t you? That’s how you’re going to have fun.”

    “Someone once said, it’s easy to fool a fool. Come on, let’s dance.”

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