The Iron Writer Challenge – Weekend Quickie #190

The Iron Writer Challenge – Weekend Quickie #190

Write a 200 word story using the sentiment of these elements without quoting them …Crying 2 cropped

“The game is on the line”

“So close and yet so far”

“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

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  1. The atmosphere was tense as her loved one, her soon-to-be husband lined up for the last shot of the match. People chanted and jeered throughout the place.
    “Oh, this can’t be closer, there’s only one more chance left and if he makes this one, they’ll be even,” she whispered to her friend as they sat only a few yards away from the action on the sidelines. “Then it’ll be sudden death and it’s anyone’s game.”
    “He’ll make it,” said her friend, taking her hand. “He will.” The place fell silent as he took his shot. They held their breath… and he missed, flicking his shot way over target. The crowd around her erupted in cheering and yelling.
    “He… he only had to do it one more time,” she said, not believing her own eyes. A tear fell from her right eye.
    “But it looks like it was too much to ask for,” said her friend. “I’m sorry, really I am. But look, it’s only a game.”
    “Yes, yes, you’re right,” she said, taking out a tissue, blowing her nose loudly and wiping her tear away. “He may not be a champion but he’s still the greatest tiddlywinks player for me.”

  2. Running Man

    Jack grabbed the door handle and jerked the door open. Light flooded the room, hurting Amy’s eyes.
    “If you walk out that door …!” Amy cried.
    Jack paused with his hand still on the door. He knew whatever he did next would be critically important. He looked out at his car; it was right there, just 15 feet away.

    Amy stood her ground, tense with adrenaline.

    Still with his back to her, Jack began to sweat. How did their marriage come to this? Why does she always try to pin him against the wall and demand his attention? In desperation he blurted, “I just need some time to think.”

    Amy’s anger flared, “Call it what you like, but you’re still running away. Running from me, from intimacy… from yourself! That’s the worst of it, Jack; you’re deceiving yourself and don’t even know it!”

    Jack squinted, his lips pursed in anger as the urge to get loud and intimidating washed over him.

    Amy smirked, “Go ahead and get angry; get quiet and withdrawn; do anything except address the problem.”

    After a long, tense pause, Jack’s shoulders relaxed. He gently pushed the door closed and turned around to face her.

    Jack lifted his eyes to meet Amy’s; tears coursed down his cheeks.

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