The Iron Writer Challenge Submission Standards


In order to ensure, as much as possible, your submission meets your expectations when viewed by someone on the website or by our judges, please follow the submission standard below. As WordPress themes may be problematic, the closer your submission is to what works when the story is posted, the better it will appear.

Each challenge entry is limited to 525 words. If you submit a story with 526 words, you will be asked to edit your story if time allows. Generally, I do not check entries until the day of submission. I will attempt to contact you but if I am unable to reach you before post time, your story will be rejected. No exceptions.

Please remember to give your story a title and please include your name. The title and your name does not count towards the word limit.

Please, no indentations. The WordPress theme removes indentations. Do not use the tab key.

Helpful Tips:

Please note the WordPress theme used in our website will delete any spaces in your submission that it does not know what those spaces are for. If you double or triple space between paragraphs, the theme will extend that even further or simply remove them. I suggest if you want to double space because of a change in your story, insert some asterisks (*****). The html coding will not rearrange your story, causing formatting issues.

All submissions must be attached to an email and sent to Please do NOT include your story in the email text. Attach it.

Please ensure the attachment is a .doc, .docx or .rtf file extension. If you are unable to save your story in one of those formats, use whatever you have but understand if the story loses something (formatting, spelling, punctuation, etc) in translation, while I will do what I can when I can to correct it, it is what it is.

Font: New Times Roman, 12 or 14 point.




2 thoughts on “The Iron Writer Challenge Submission Standards

    • Sweetness
      Roger Campbell

      Hank looked around to be sure everything was set. Had to be, he did not want to experience the morning headache two mornings in a row. Once was bad enough.

      “Okay, the tent’s up.” He checked it to be sure the pegs and lines were secure.

      “Got the gun ready incase that bear comes back. “How the hell did that thing shake off a head on 20gauge hit? No biggee, this 12 will do the trick.” He laid the weapon inside the tent beside the door.

      “Got the dice.” On the other side of the door Hank reached in and emptied a bag of new dice. “Castle does make some nice dice.” He picked up and rolled several. “Breaking these in will keep me busy until it starts.”

      “Now for the main item.” At both ends of the tent Hank unzipped the door flaps and fastened them to the outside of the structure. “Yeah, that will work fine.”

      With the tent set the way he wanted, Hank stood and took in the heavy aroma of pine the area was noted for. “Wonderful! Ah, if that doesn’t get me high enough to write the great American novel, nothing will.”

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