The Iron Writer Challenge #198 – 2017 Summer Solstice Challenge #4

The Iron Writer Challenge #198

 2017 Summer Solstice Challenge #4

500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements

The Authors:

Authors names will be posted to their stories next Thursday, after the voting is concluded.

The Elements:

A Studebaker

A near miss fatal accident a character missed

Begins with “My real name is _____ and I am here to _______.”

End with: “How can I live without you?”


Elaine Johnson

“My real name is Sarah Smith and I’m a federal agent.   I’m here to get you and your family out.   We have to hurry.”  

Marianna pushed past Hannah’s gaping face and strode into the room.    “They’re on to you.  If you agree to testify, we can get you into the Witness Protection program.   It’s your only chance.  We have about half an hour to get your family packed up and out of here.”   

Hannah was saved from having to answer by her cell phone.     

“Babe, you’ll never guess what?”   Jon’s voice crackled, “I found a Studebaker!   It’s for sale.”  He rushed on, “We only get one chance at life, Babe.  What are the odds?  I can’t believe I was just telling you that this was my dream car and here it is!   We have to get this.”   

She pressed her pounding forehead and croaked, “I thought you were taking the children to the doctor.”    

“Well, I did.   Both kids have the same flu as you.”   His voice got quieter, “We got side-swiped on the way to the pharmacy.”   

“What?”   Behind, her, Marianna, or whatever the agent’s name was, was making frantic gestures.    Hannah turned her back, “Are you OK?”  

“It was a near miss.  They were coming straight at us.  It was a head-on collision or going off the side of a bridge.   I’ve never seen anyone drive like that.  ”     

The thumping in her head was getting louder and louder, “What did you do?”   

“I slammed on brakes.   We skidded into the next lane and just missed a semi.”   

“Are you OK?    Are the kids hurt?”   

He must be shoving his hand through his hair, “We’re fine.    The car though.  It’s going to be expensive to get it fixed.   You know, the jerks who caused this didn’t even offer to help.”  He was getting angry, “There were three of them.  Big tough guys. They got out of their Benz and came towards us, but they stopped when everyone got out to help.”      

Hannah’s heart went cold.     

Jon went on, “They didn’t trade insurance information or wait for the police or anything. They just left.”   

“Where are you?”

He came back to life, “We’re at the automotive place.”  His voice changed, “And guess what?  They have a Studebaker!  It’s a sign, right?  We almost died on that bridge and here’s my dream car, fully restored.  We’ve got to get this.  It’s meant to be.” 

She fumbled for the mute button.   The agent was hissing something.   “Hannah, we’ve got to evacuate you.  Now!”    

“Listen Jon.  Umm.  I’ll be there in just a minute.”  

The agent snatched the phone from her hand, “This isn’t a secure line.”    She made a visible effort to relax, “Hannah, you’re the danger.  Nobody’s after them.  They’re better off if you just leave.” 

“Hello?  Hannah?  Did we get cut off?”   

She stared at the phone, “Jon, I love you.”  

“Well, me too.  Is that a yes?”

“How can I live without you?”

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