The Iron Writer Challenge #189 2017 Spring Equinox Challenge #10

The Iron Writer Challenge #189

2017 Spring Equinox Challenge #10 

500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements

The Authors:

Steven L. Bergeron, Matt Henderson

The Elements:

A Pilot getting high

A broken alarm clock

As many of the gates of hell from this list as you can get in



GI Joe or Hell

Steven L Bergeron

“Commander Burgess ,what is your flight situation?”

“At the current Sergeant Joe I’m pulling right behind you ready for our next mission.”

“President Trump wants us to fly over Mexico, should there be any retaliation over the erection of the wall?”

A bucket of ice water woke me up from my virtual dream. It was Sunday morning again, I had pulled the batteries out of my alarm clock for all the wrong reasons. Now that I was fully awake I had no good excuse to miss morning services.  Here we were dressed in our Sundays best for what is the longest hour of the week. I crammed USAF pilot GI Joe comic inside my coat pocket. If Pa ever found out, I would definitely endure a soar ass for a week.

As we approached the doors of heavenly knowledge the outside bulletin board said it all.

“The gates of hell, shall not prevail.” Gi Joe would serve its purpose today, although this was a sermon I should have paid closer attention to.

 I joined my brother in the basement back pew just in time for Sister Terry to begin her weekly lecture.  Sitting way in the back gave me all the opportunity to sneak Gi Joe on my lap, hidden by my bible without anyone being the wiser. She began her lecture illustrating to us how Jesus descention into hell before being risen has cleared the path for his followers. His ascention supposedly sealed the gates into hell closed, leaving out all his believers. As long as we all followers the ten commandments the gates will remain closed.

There was complete silence, then a voice made me finally look up. I guess I spent a little too much time in Gi Joes world.

“Mr Burgess are you with us?”

“Yes Sister.”

“Well then tell us the name of the keeper of the Gates of Hell?”

“Oh that would be Lucifer” I replied as my attention went back to Gi Joe. 

“Wrong Mr Burgess. He’s name is Hades it is clear you were not paying attention. What could be more important?” Without knowing it she was standing right beside me, and snapped Gi Joe right from my lap. How did she know. Then I spotted the picture of the last supper behind me which undoubtedly acted like a mirror. 

It was one lesson I valuably learnt. For that day forward Gi Joe comics were banned from our house. The only reading material that was allowed was the bible or any Christian comics like: Prayer pups or Raw deal. It took a week for my butt to get back to normal, were I can seat with no pain.

From that day forward my constant reading of the bible, opened up a new vision in my eyes and how the world should be. I had grown to admire pastor Matt and sister Terrys messages. I would begin in helping then out with any means possible from being an alter boy to one day taking over for Pastor Matt when my age permitted.   

A Dark Knight On A Pale Horse

Matt Henderson
The mouth of Mongibello, was spitting fire and ash, and Luis could hear the torturous screams of unrepentant sinners echoing up the throat of Mount Etna, and down through the corridors of time. He could feel the hot waves against his face; his stomach lurched and acid rose against his throat as he gagged on the smell of sulfur and burning flesh. He was dizzy and blinded with sweat. His clothes clung to him like leaches. His face felt completely drained and he dripped with the perspiration of heat and fear. It was darker than any night he had ever known and the only light he had was the luminous fiery pit that glowed with a bright orange anger and faded out in a haze. There was nothing he could do for his comrades, so he turned his stallion into the darkness and rode away, giving all control over to his warhorse. He trusted his horse to find them a passage out of there, and down the mountainside. He had no choice. He lay against the horse’s mane and felt the proud beast’s muscles ripple against his face with its own strength and fear. He felt himself slipping into darkness and falling…
“Luis,” said Dr. Elias, “When I snap my fingers you will wake up and return to the present day. Three, two, one,” the doctor snapped his fingers.
Luis breathed in a huge clutch of air and shook his head, sending sweat in a halo onto the psychiatrist. “What the hell?” Luis coughed. His eyes landed on the broken alarm clock that had been in the office since he’d first come a few years ago.
“Regression Therapy, Luis. Remember? You have been under hypnosis for 20 minutes. That is the maximum time I will allow. In fact you are the only one I go over 15 minutes with. Now tell me, what did you see?”
“Doctor, I never see a damn thing.”
“From your appearance and actions, I would beg to differ,” the doctor said calmly. “Take a minute. Relax. We have plenty of time, Mr. Cypress.” The doctor was used to Luis not wanting to talk about his hypnosis sessions. It just takes awhile for him to unwind.
“What did they call the amphetamines they gave you when you were flying in ‘Nam?”

“We always called them ‘stop and go’s,” said Luis. “We had the best drugs in the Air Force. When we were dropping illegal troops in Laos we took off with a handful of tabs of Darvon, Codeine and Dexedrine. Sleep and go…That’s just the way it was. We’d drop them in Laos and Cambodia and then run a bomb raid on the North before we’d get back in the rack. War and hell, Doc.”
“Do you think you are getting anything from the hypnosis sessions, Luis?”
“Ah, the rivers Cocytus, Lethe, Phlegethon and Styx” thought Luis Cypress. “That’s one hell of a travel plan,” as he caught his own curled snarl of a smile in a mirror propped up on  Jung’s Red Book on the doctor’s desk.
Hell yes, Doc. I feel better every time I go under.”

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