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TIW logo transparentThank you for considering The Iron Writer Challenge. To join our merry, mirthful band of word thieves, you must take a challenge.

To understand how each challenge works, please review this page.

To sign up for a challenge, please email me here.

If you have difficulty reaching me, please try contacting me on Facebook.

When I receive your email, I will reply with the details about the challenge and advise you of the date I have placed you in. It is very important that you reply back to me. If you do not respond, you will not be in the scheduled challenge. I need confirmation, so please do not forget.



18 thoughts on “Take The Challenge

  1. I remain confused about how this all works. I explored some future challenges and they seem to be “taken” by others. The pinned instructions are not clear on precise steps to take, and presume knowledge I don’t have.

  2. Wes,

    Let’s see if I can clear up the fog. Probably not as I created the damn fog in the first place, eh?

    IN the challenge calendar, you may sign up for any challenge, so long as it has four or less participants. This prevents any challenge having more then four (more on this below).

    So, if you see a challenge with A, B, and no others, you are welcome to sign up.

    IF you see, A, B, C, D, do not sign up. It has four writers.

    That said, I reserve the 5th (E) for new members who has not taken a challenge. This 5th slot is reserved for only new writers taking their first challenge. Once they have taken that first challenge, they are restricted to challenges with no more than four writers.

    If I recall correctly, you have not taken a challenge yet. If that is correct, just sign up for one, just make you there are not FIVE (5) writers in it. That is the maximum.

    Does that help?


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