Challenge 105 – A Tribute to Dr. Seuss

 The Iron Writer Challenge 105 500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements  Challenge 104 Champion Daniel J. Sanz The Authors: Dani J. Caile, M. D. Pitman, Johnna Murphy The Judges: Brett Paul, Daniel J. Sanz, Tiffany Brown, A. Francis Raymond The Elements: Written in Dr. Seuss Style Any Dr. Seuss Character Any machine from a Dr. Seuss book, not … Read more

Challenge 101

The Iron Writer Challenge 101 500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements  Challenge 100 Champion Aaron Gord  The Authors: Tiffany Brown, Jessica Chick, Brett Paul, James Farner The Judges: Dani J Caile, Danielle Lee Zwissler, Mamie Pound, Richard Russell The Elements: Venice Frozen A lame llama Straight jacket A thumb match to settle a grudge HE, DID Brett Paul “He … Read more

The Iron Writer Challenge, Grudge Match #12

Grudge Match #12  Monday, October 20, 2014 K. A. DaVur & Steven L. Bergeron vs  Dani J Caile & Mathew W. Weaver Judges:  Christopher A Liccardi, B Y Rogers, Tiffany Brown, DL Zwissler, Alis Van Doorn, Richard Russell, Mamie Pound, DL Mackenzie, Suzann Smith, E. Chris Garrison, Thomas Lamkin Jr. Rules: 1 element from each writer, 1 story from … Read more

Challenge 73 – 2014 Summer Solstice Open Finals

The Iron Writer Summer Solstice Open Finals Challenge 73 The Champion is invited to the 2015 Annual Championship! The Elements: A Lost Key A Travel Brochure A Thermostat A Dessert Topping The Authors: Tiffany Brown D. L. Mackenzie Lisa Reynolds Mathew W. Weaver Please vote! And Comment! (writers crave feedback) The poll is below. Thanks   … Read more

Stephen King Bracket

2014 Summer Solstice Open The Stephen King Bracket The Authors: Tiffany Michelle Brown, Leslie Dras, Neal Sajatovich The Elements: The Avengers vs The Justice League of America A Minion The story must be told from the point of view of Death, The Grim Reaper A Traveling Chamber Pot Salesperson Downward Spiral Neal Sayatovich Can omnipotent … Read more

The Iron Writer Challenge #71 – 2014 Summer Solstice Challenge #6

The Iron Writer Challenge #71 2014 Summer Solstice Challenge #6 Four Authors! Four Elements! Four Days! 500 Words! The Authors:   Tiffany Michelle Brown, Tony Jaeger, DL Mackenzie, Neal Sayatovich The Elements: Dice The Gods Cocktails Irrigation Boots Like a Steel Trap D. L. Mackenzie Jimmy sat back, his arms crossed. “You were wearing an ugly plaid shirt that … Read more