Iron Poet #21

Iron Poet #21 Style / Meter: Limerick Theme / Keyword: Über The word “Über” must be used – it does NOT have to refer to the car ride service. fall out ~D. Lee Cox such sweet and cool autumn weather my pores can fondly remember so its uber upsetting as i sit here sweating on … Read more

Iron Poet #20

Iron Poet #20 In light of Bob Dylan’s recent Nobel Prize, let us honor him as only Iron Poets should. Take one verse from a Bob Dylan song and write a verse that mimics the theme and meter of that verse. For The Times They are a Changin’ ~ Bob Dylan Come gather ’round people … Read more

Iron Poet #19

Iron Poet #19 Theme: Limerence Style: Freestyle Limit 36 lines “Yummy” ~ D Lee Cox I smell you I feel you I see you I hear you but I’ve not tasted you Yet — “Straight Jacket” ~ Violet Teagan you hang in the back, beside a feathered dress, grazing my pink suede boots threadbare and … Read more

The Iron Writer Challenge Grudge Match #16, Poetry

Iron Writer Challenge Grudge Match #16 Mann gegen Mann Poesie The Authors: Her Ladyship, Mamie Pound vs. His Eminence Matt Henderson The Elements: Perihelion, Fault Line, Sky, Time Ghost Forest, Oregon silver-trunked monoliths slouch, salt water at their feet our ears, deaf to their words but the dogs will hear, that first minute we will … Read more