The Iron Writer Challenge #156 – 2016 Spring Open Challenge #4

The Iron Writer Challenge #156 2016 Spring Open Challenge #4 500 Words, 5 Days, 4 Elements The Authors: Keith Badowski, Brian Rogers, D. Lee Cox, Mamie Pound, Suzann Smith  The Elements: Flower (see image) Breadcrumbs Car Tyres Pregnancy   The Honeymoon Paradox Keith Badowski By the dome light, I picked breadcrumbs from Shelia’s hair. Earlier we’d dashed through an eco-friendly … Read more

Weekend Quickie #91

Beta max Cats Peaches A man in a white van 200 words

The Iron Writer Challenge, Grudge Match #12

Grudge Match #12  Monday, October 20, 2014 K. A. DaVur & Steven L. Bergeron vs  Dani J Caile & Mathew W. Weaver Judges:  Christopher A Liccardi, B Y Rogers, Tiffany Brown, DL Zwissler, Alis Van Doorn, Richard Russell, Mamie Pound, DL Mackenzie, Suzann Smith, E. Chris Garrison, Thomas Lamkin Jr. Rules: 1 element from each writer, 1 story from … Read more

2014 Autumn Equinox Open Bracket – Stephanie Meyer Bracket

Stephanie Meyer Bracket Elements: Misophonia Stockholm Syndrome Something found on a deceased body that would be an embarrassment to the family Told from the point of view of an interview of someone not yet born Authors: Stephanie Meyers Bracket: Mathew W Weaver, Jordan Bell, Suzann Smith, Geoff Gore Formalities Mathew W. Weaver “Hello, Nate.” “Oh. … Read more

Weekend Quickie #56

Genre: Fantasy Word Count: Exactly 250 Words! Start with: The Alien Forces were moved among the… Include the words: carnage, litter box, Facebook Status, and Charlie Brown.  While writing, listen to this song. Play over and over until finished.  

Challenge 74

The Iron Writer Challenge 74 The Authors: Kaylee Hamelink Tony Jaeger Suzann Smith The Elements: A car battery A horse An Umbrella Told from the point of view of a defense attorney invoking the Stupidity Defense Stupid Is As Stupid Does Suzann Smith “Picture it, Your Honor. My client riding down Main Street, bareback on his … Read more

Dean Koontz Bracket

2014 Summer Solstice Open The Dean Koontz Bracket The Authors: Jordan Bell, Mathew W. Weaver,  Suzann Smith, Dani Caile The Elements: The Avengers vs The Justice League of America A Minion The story must be told from the point of view of Death, the Grim Reaper A Traveling Chamber Pot Saleperson Death of Another Salesman … Read more

Challenge 70

The Iron Writer Challenge #70 The Authors: Kathy DiSanto Mamie Pound Mary Fletcher Suzann Smith The Elements: Light Sabers A Demolition Derby Roman Candles Mud Wrestling The Battle Continues Suzann Smith The room was pitch black. Out of the corner of my eye I caught the red glow as it spiraled toward me. Light saber! Falling … Read more

Challenge 59

The Iron Writer Challenge #59 The Authors: Suzann Smith K. A. DaVur Jaime Sprague Chris Bays The Elements: A Whack a Mole Game A bag of Body Bags A Theologian An Atheist  All Roads Lead Home Christopher Bays  He travelled this same Texas road three years ago. That time it was raining. He tried to keep … Read more